Jesse Lingard In Big Trouble After Sending Fake Information

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Jesse Lingard is set to stand trial in court after he provided false details when his Range Rover was captured by a speed camera.

Jesse Lingard In Big Trouble After Sending Fake Information

Lingard, 30, has been charged with failing to provide details about who was in his vehicle after a name and address that were provided were ‘linked to a so-called NIP (Notices of Intended Prosecution) farm.’

The former Manchester United player who spent 22 years at Old Trafford was heard for the first time at the Stockport Magistrates Court on Friday.

The Nottingham Forest player was not in appearance but was represented by his lawyers who entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

The court learned that the Range Rover Sport was captured by Speed Camera and exceeded the speed limit on the A56 in Trafford in August 2022, but whoever was driving was not stopped nor spoken to.

The Prosecuting officer for Manchester Police (GMP), Mike Arden, confirmed that they ‘wrote to Lingard at his then home address in Altrincham’ with notice of intended prosecution and a request for the details of the driver.

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Mike Arden added that the notice ‘made it clear that the individual it was addressed to was to respond’ and that ‘they are not to pass it on to anyone’.

The officer then went on to say that after two weeks of writing to Lingard, Arden added that a request was made online ‘on the face of it by someone appearing to be Lingard’ with his email address used.

The request said that the person driving the vehicle as at then was a George Bolt who lived at an address on Pretoria Road in Oldham, Arden added.

The court however heard that the alleged Mr Bolt was written to and there was no response from the person.

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Arden then went on to say that “that’s not a surprise because he doesn’t exist, we’re quite certain about that.”

The GMP prosecutor confirmed that the police’s central ticket office identified the name of the accused as ‘linked to a so-called NIP farm.’

Jesse Lingard In Big Trouble After Sending Fake Information
Jesse Lingard and his Range Rover.

And Arden also outlined that the checks they carried out showed ‘George Bolt doesn’t exist at that address,’ which the GMP was satisfied with.

“We’re not even sure the address exists, we think it is a car park,” he added. “Therefore the nomination of Mr Bolt was inaccurate and misleading and prevents police getting to the bottom of who was driving the Range Rover.”

Attorney of the Nottingham star Frank Rogers, stated that: “Mr Lingard will say he never saw the notice of intended prosecution and never had any dealings with it.”

“It was dealt with by a third party who processed it in the way that has been alleged, without his knowledge, without his authority and certainly without his approval.”

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“The first he knew about it was the court papers around charging him (for this offense). He simply never received it. It’s essentially a simple trial issue.”

The trial date for the case has been adjourned until Friday, 28th of July 2023 and it carried a penalty of six points on driving license and a fine of up to £1,000.

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