Jack Grealish Could Make £100 million Before He Clocks 30 as His Huge Fortune Is Revealed

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Jack Grealish landed a record-breaking sponsorship deal with PUMA and other deals he’s bagged has turned the England star’s fortune around.

Based on speculations, the 27-year-old Grealish is on target to make a £100 million fortune before the age of 30.

Grealish hoisted the Premier League trophy with Pep Guardiola’s City in his first season and following that, a host of lucrative endorsements have been ringing in.

The Manchester City midfielder recently signed the most lucrative boot sponsorship deal in Britain history early this month with Puma for a reputed £10 million per year.

The former Aston Villa star relinquished Nike after parting ways with the company and signed a contract with PUMA.

Jack Grealish

Aside from the £10 million PUMA earnings, Grealish became the most expensive player in England when he joined Manchester City from Aston Villa in 2021 for a £100 million fee and weekly wages of £300,000.

And insiders from the club claim the 27-year-old Grealish could soon be pocketing close to £1million every week following his exploits on and off the pitch.

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According to The Sun report, Manchester City’s fortune was also rising after they signed Grealish from Aston Villa.

Youngsters were buying his trademark headband and star-struck teenage girls have been visiting Etihad stadium just to get a glimpse of their alluring idol.

A source from City’s wall said: “Jack is a license to print money.

“He will earn £86 million in wages over the lifetime of his City deal but all the commercial stuff puts him in another league from most footballers.”

Jack Grealish
Grealish also has a £ 10 million signed contract with Gucci

Grealish also has a £10 million signed contract with Gucci and another sponsorship deal with boohooMan estimated to be worth around £1 million.

Jack Grealish
His sponsorship deal with boohooMan

It is believed that razor brand Gillette is also wooing the lucky midfielder to join their stable global sporting personalities.

The Sun reported that one of their sources close to Grealish said the staff at Manchester City were shocked to learn the huge amount Grealish will be earning.

The source said: “The staff at City were stunned to learn how much the Puma deal is worth to Jack and are rhuchuffedr him.

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“We have joked he is now the million-dollar man. We reckon he must already be pulling down close to £750,000 a week in wages and commercial stuff — the sky is the limit for Jack now he is entering his peak years.”

Following the stunning PUMA deal, Grealish recently revealed that his £200,000-a-week with the German sportswear giant is a huge catch, he said: “They are a brand that’s caught my eye in the last few years.

“Especially recently, the collabs they are doing with other brands — the people they have on board now in NBA, F1, and football — it’s eye-catching and it was a no-brainer for me.”

In November last year, the England midfielder spent £ 6 million on a seven-bedroom mansion within 20 acres of the Cheshire countryside.

Jack Grealish stats at Manchester City

Jack Grealish

In the current club Manchester City, Jack Grealish is in his 3rd season, and during his spell at City, he has played 92 matches and scored 9 goals.

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He has appeared in the vast majority of Guardiola’s sides’ Premier League matches in the 2022/2023 season, making 20 appearances overall.

He has started in 16 of these appearances across their 26 fixtures and entered as a substitute on four occasions.

The 27-year-old City midfielder has seen the back of the net for his side 3 times and assisted 4 goals.

Next for Manchester City and Grealish

Grealish will be seen in action in a Premier League clash against Liverpool at Etihad Stadium today, Saturday, April 1st.

The time for Kickoff is 12:30pm.

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