Is Bernd Leno good enough for Arsenal? Arsenal fans said Emiliano Martinez should be number 1

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Arsenal fans are saying that Bernd Leno is not good enough for the club just because Emiliano Martinez had few games and did a bit better in those few games. Martinez won the FA Cup for Arsenal while Leno was injured, and then Martinez asked for the starting job but Arsenal refused to give it to him.

Aston Villa came knocking for Martinez’s transfer and Arsenal agreed to deal him worth £20m transfer to Aston Villa from Arsenal.

Leno is a good goalkeeper, he has saved Arsenal many times but all of a sudden, some fans think he is not good enough. Most of these fans are probably Arsenal fan tv fans, they love to criticize players and this is why a lot of Arsenal players are unhappy and they cant be themselves.

See what they said below

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