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Want to know a great way to get traffic to your website all while learning more about the niche you’re in also? The answer is forums! Forum marketing is an excellent way to learn about the little details about your niche, and it’s great for staying on top of the niche. Plus, for those forums that offer “signatures”, you can promote your website or your product or service there.

Plus, forums are free! So this is an excellent way to get more traffic to your website for free, and these visitors are highly converting because they came to your site after reading something insightful that you may have stated. This is one of the best ways to get good, quality traffic coming to your site everyday. Not to mention the fact that you can do a lot of market research simply by doing forums.

For example, I’m involved in this popular forum online, and one area in particular that intrigues me is the “mobile marketing” or “cell phone marketing” section of the forum. It gives me the opportunity to reach more people who aren’t at their desk in front of their computer screen. So this is a great way to reach more new people.

I’ve heard of mobile marketing before, but I never pursued it heavily the way that I am now. It’s the only way that I would have taken it seriously had I not joined the forum. But I’m glad that I dead. I learn new things, and in return, I get traffic back to my website for the helpful posts that I write on the forums.

Forums are a great place to market on. To find a forum in your niche, go to Google and type in “[your niche] forum”. So if you’re in the basketball niche, you could type in “basketball forum”. If you’re in the weight loss niche, you could type in “weight loss forum”. Or if you’re in the wedding niche, you could type in “wedding forum”. Hopefully you catch my drift.

The more quality posts that you make, the more people will begin to view you as an expert. With this kind of branding in the marketplace, it can lead to increased sales, higher profit margins because forum marketing is 100{020933b6143706e089ed1969deb2d4777a0d1dada9258b704e6b51826dc9799b} free, and more backend customers. And with backend customers, this is where the money REALLY is. 80{020933b6143706e089ed1969deb2d4777a0d1dada9258b704e6b51826dc9799b} of your total business income will come from backend marketing.

So forum marketing should play a big part in your online marketing mix. Even if you’re someone who’s big on paid advertising, think about the low customer acquisition cost you would have if you incorporated forum marketing into your selling cycle. You’ll lower the cost per customer, and profit more on the front end. Now you will want to sell to your existing customers also, but you’ll be earning more on the front end – therefore making you more profitable.

Don’t put off this marketing strategy. Even if it seems like something that you don’t want to do, give it a shot first. Once you make your first 5 posts, it will feel like you’re a regular member of the forum, and people will want to read your responses and posts on the issues that you are an expert on.

Be sure not to spam the forums with your marketing message. This is the fastest way to get banned. Market on forums legit, and take your time. Don’t rush, because people will ignore you and report you to the moderators of the forums to delete your “spammy” account. So keep this in mind.

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