Interesting Facts About Gabriel Martinelli’s New Found Love With Isabella Rousso


Isabella Rousso is Gabriel Martinelli’s girlfriend and number one supporter. There are fascinating details about the famous wag and her relationship with Martinelli.

All of Arsenal’s Gabriels – Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Maghales, and Gabriel Martinelli did not receive a call from Scolari to the Brazil squad for the last international friendly.

Nevertheless, Martinelli is still top of his game at Emirates. He is a crucial member of the resurgent Mikel Arteta Arsenal and had found the back of the net a couple of times this season.

Martinelli is more likely to fail to make it to Scolari’s 2022 World Cup Squad, but a great season with the Gunners is more likely and definitely makes up for the exclusion from Scolari’s squad.

Moreso, Martinelli’s young and stunning wag is another point of reference. When an angel graces your world, all worries are frittered away.

Isabella Rousso is the angel in Martinelli’s world. The duo have entangled like Siamese twins with just moments of setting the ball of their relationship rolling.

Footballers showing off with their wags is not a new phenomenon. Still, the force and energy with Martinelli and Isabella have greeted the gallery with their relationship is awesome and fascinating.

Martinelli is dating his acetate

One interesting fact about Gabriel Martinelli and his relationship with Isabella Roussa is that both are age mates with just a slight difference in months. While Isabella was born on August 29, 2001, Gabriel Martinelli was born on June 18, 2001.

It is a slight difference of 3 months and seven days between them, with Isabella being her lover’s senior.

Isabella is a medical student

While her lover is an Arsenal football star, Isabella is pursuing a profession in medicine. Young, chirpy, and beautiful, Isabella always flaunts his medical classes with her colleagues on her Instagram.

Since Martinelli came into her life, her schedule has been slightly altered to reflect her romance with the Arsenal star.

Isabella Rousso and Martinelli are from Brazil

Another interesting fact about the relationship is that both are from the nationality – Brazil.

While Isabella Rousso is from the renowned and famous Brazilian city – Rio de Janeiro, Gabriel Martinelli was born in the second most populous city in Sao Paulo – Guarulhos.

The two lovers met in England, where they have pursued different career endeavors – football and medicine.

A lover and a supporter

Isabella at Emirates to cheer Arsenal and his man Martinelli to victory

Note that Gabriel Martinelli was in a serious relationship before he decided to switch to Isabella.

Martinelli was deeply involved with Rachel Akemy. The footballer had proposed marriage to Akemy, and the damsel had accepted the marriage proposal according to reports.

Nevertheless, things suddenly went sour, leading to separation before Martinelli finally met Isabella in 2021.

Although it is still unclear where they met, given how distant their careers are from each other, the duo had been in a relationship for just a year. The media could sharply feel the intensity of emotions due to recent social media posts.

Isabella is not just a lover and strong supporter of her boo, Martinelli.

Since their relationship began, no Arsenal game skips the 21-year-old without her joining thousands of Gunners at the Emirates to cheer the team to success.

Each time she graces the stadium, she does it in style, flagging an Arsenal shirt with Martinelli’s name boldly scripted on the back.

Before the 2021/22 Premier League season, Isabella had joined her lover in the US pre-season tour and graced all matches during the tour.

Extravagant honeymoon periods

Isabella Rousso
Isabella and Martinelli on vacation

Just user a year into the relationship, Isabella and Martinelli are pulling the buttons to make things happen. The agemates, turned lovers, have been captured going on expensive vacations for their honeymoon.

The Brazilian blonde always shares their life inside the lab with her colleagues and outside the lab with Martinelli on her Instagram page for her over 44,000 followers.

In the summer, Martinelli and Isabella visited their homeland – where they spent time on the amazing Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, where they visited in the summer in their homeland Brazil to have a fantastic time together.

They also went to Dubai, where they got the obligatory picture in front of the Burj Al Arab.

Isabella Rousso

Isabella is hiding his feelings for the love of her life, Martinelli, and when she expresses it, she does it in style.

Isabella had shared a photo on social media, a shirt which she wore, with Martinelli’s name and number on the back. She attached the caption “My love written on my back.”

Martinelli has found the back of the net three times this season to help the Gunners remain on top of the table.

This feat will be a perfect one for Isabella to brag about with her lover, who are now Premier League leaders.


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