Iker Casillas Opens Up On Being Gay After Rumors That He Was Dating Former Teammate Gerard Pique’s Shakira


Iker Casillas, a legend of Real Madrid and Spain, has appeared to come out as gay, making him one of the most famous male football players in history to do so.

Iker Casillas Opens Up On Being Gay After Rumors That He Was Dating Former Teammate Gerard Pique's Shakira

I hope you respect me: I’m gay, the former goalkeeper wrote in a Sunday afternoon tweet. Prior to their divorce in March 2021, Casillas and sports journalist Sara Carbonero were married for five years and had two sons.

Following the tweet, the 41-year-old received an outpouring of support, notably from Carles Puyol, a Barcelona legend and his former Spain colleague.

One of football’s most productive goalkeepers, Casillas retired in 2020 after experiencing a heart collapse while working out with his final team, Porto.

In an illustrious senior career that lasted 22 years, the Spanish great won one World Cup, two European Championships, five La Liga championships, and three Champions Leagues.

The Los Blancos legend won a staggering 19 trophies throughout his 25 years with Real Madrid, which he joined at the age of nine and captained from 2010 until his departure in 2015.

Casillas dated Eva Gonzalez, the winner of a beauty pageant, between 2004 and 2008. After they broke up, Casillas started dating Carbonero.

Following Spain’s victory in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when La Roja famously defeated the Netherlands in the final on the strength of Andres Iniesta’s extra-time goal, the shot-stopper is infamous for kissing the reporter.

Martin, who is now eight years old, was born to them on January 3, 2014, in Madrid. The couple made the announcement that they were expecting their second child in November of the following year.

Casillas and Carbonero were married on June 2, 2016, three months before the birth of Lucas, who is now six.

They would remain legally married for five years before announcing their separation in March of last year.C

Iker Casillas made the following passionate declaration after sharing the news: “Both Sara and I feel enormously proud of the family we are and of having shared a love that has filled us with happiness during all our years together. Today our love as a couple takes different but not distant paths since we’ll continue together in the marvellous task of continuing to be devoted parents as we have been up until now.”

“This is a well-considered decision which we have taken through mutual agreement. The respect, affection and friendship will remain for ever. Our priority is, through affection and compromise, to share the wellbeing and education of our children and protect them so they grow in a stable and healthy environment.”

Iker Casillas Opens Up On Being Gay After Rumors That He Was Dating Former Teammate Gerard Pique's Shakira

“With these words we ask you please to respect our privacy in this moment of change. These will be the only public words we issue for the time being and in the future. Many thanks for your understanding.”

Iker Casillas On Shakira Rumor

Immediately following her separation with his former Spain teammate Gerard Pique, Casillas angrily denied allegations that he is dating pop star Shakira.

After a 12-year relationship that saw them have two children—Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7—without ever getting married. In June, Pique and the Grammy-winning singer made their breakup public.

On the other side, Sara Carbonero, a sports journalist with whom he had two children and a five-year marriage, was the subject of Casillas’ divorce.

Rumors of a relationship between the renowned goalkeeper and the Barcelona star’s ex-girlfriend first surfaced when the two began following one another on Instagram.

The 41-year-old Spain great, who posted photographs of stories saying he was dating the Colombian musician in an Instagram story, vehemently denied such accusations, though.


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