Identity of Marcus Rashford’s Miami Party Girl, Courtney Caldwell After Split From Lucia Loi Revealed

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Marcus Rashford made headlines after he was spotted partying with a big black lady, Courtney Caldwell and other girls in a party in Miami.

Rashford had flew to Miami for his end-of-season break after Manchester United lost the FA Cup final to Manchester City at Wembley.

The prolific youngster hit the peak of his career at Manchester United after hitting his all-time highest goal tally in a single season for the Red Devils.

Marcus Rashford scored 30 goals in all competitions for Manchester United, 6 goals more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s 24-goal tally that made the latter the club’s highest scorer last season.

After a freaky and successful campaign with the Red Devils, Rashford flew to Florida to take a break before returning to action with England national team in Euro 2024 qualifier double against Malta and North Macedonia.

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford split with Lucia Loi after proposing to her in May last year

In Miami, Rashford was spotted partying and having a nice time with strange women other than his lover, fiancee, and childhood sweetheart, Lucia Loi.

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He was seen chatting with some women, who were clad in bikinis, close to a swimming pool in the hotel.

Close sources revealed some of the women made it back to Rashford’s room as early as 5am, including one mysterious black blonde, who was seen in the footage walking him back to the party.

Following his Miami party foray, it was revealed Marcus Rashford has split with his lover, fiancee, and childhood sweetheart, Lucia Loi.

Courtney Caldwell
Bikini-clad lady catwalking Marcus Rashford to his hotel room in Miami after split with fincee Lucia Loi

Sources close to the two lovers revealed Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi parted ways two months ago in April with the young footballer moving on with his life.

The reason behind Rashford’s split with Lucia Loi is undisclosed but it is evident Rashford has moved on since then.

As expected, the Manchester United youngster would have enjoyed his season break with Lucia Loi as he did during the last international break in March but he spent it with bevies of beautiful blondes who lit his Miami party.

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In one of the footage at the party, Marcus Rashford was seen holding hands with a hot black blonde, clad in bikini, and cartwalking the footballer into the party house.

According to reports, the black blonde, who walked Rashford back to the party house, may be Marcus Rashford’s new replacement for Lucia Loi but her identity was unknown.

Now, the Sun has revealed the lady with Rashford is a personal trainer by name Courtney Caldwell.

Courtney Caldwell
Courtney Caldwelll

Courtney Caldwell is a US-based social media sensation and Instagram model with thousands of followers.

According to a source close to Courtney, she is incredibly beautiful, smart, and business-minded and Marcus Rashford was very fortunate to have met, chilled, and shared moments with her at the Miami party.

Caldwell encourages women to increase their bum via detailed workout routines

Courtney spends her time in two leisure confines outside her body therapy work – Gym and Beach.

While pursuing a great career in body therapy, she is fun-loving and likes wowing her followers with cool shots of her jocund adventures.

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Her meeting with Rashford did not make it to her social media gallery with sources close to her revealing she strictly blends her posts with her modeling and body therapy work.

Gourtney Caldwell blends her social media posts with her body therapy business

She is known to encourage women to work out and increase their bum – a routine she lives out herself to boost the credibility of her body therapy work.

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