‘I am most definitely not an escort’, Katy Morgan, who bore a child for premier league star reacts

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I guess you all remember Katy Morgan, who reportedly slept with a Premier League footballer for money? She has denied the story, amidst rumours that the player fathers her new baby.

The Sun had reported this week that Morgan charged £1500-a-night for a series of romps with the Premier League star before becoming pregnant accidentally as she claimed. But the mother of one has denied those claims on her Instagram page with the hint that she will be taking legal action against the publication.

Morgan took to her Instagram page and wrote: “Yesterday, The Sun published a story about me containing multiple falsehoods which has today been removed. I will not be commenting further, and the matter is with my legal team.”

The Sun had also reported that a DNA test confirmed that the footballer is her baby’s father, after a series of secret sex sessions.

Katy Morgan denies speaking to anybody

She further wrote on her Instagram story on Thursday morning that she won’t allow anyone to talk bad things about and let injustice slide. She also claimed that she try making everyday normal girls acceptable.

Katy Morgan

Katy found she was pregnant after the player booked her for several sex sessions behind his partner’s back last summerCredit: Kevin Dunnett

“I am not the type of person to let the world talk absolute s*** about me and let that happen. I never have and never will be someone that keeps quiet when told to so when injustice is being done.

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“I am your everyday woman; I post/influence to try and make the everyday normal girls acceptable in the eyes of fashion and social media. So much pressure is put on people to look or act a certain way. Why can’t we all just be ourselves, and that be acceptable?

“I am just the kind of girl who won’t wear makeup just because the world has torn my appearance apart.

“When people are saying the most VILE things to me, making death threats, all because you think you know someone’s life. Gossiping is normal. We all do it to get that extra step, and start making death threats, trolling me online, posting things for the whole world to see. Now that is unacceptable.”

She further stated clearly that she had never spoken to any publication about the situation and denied being an escort. Kate, who also denied selling any story to the publication said she lives a quiet life.

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“I want to make one thing absolutely crystal clear. I HAVE AND NEVER WILL SPEAK TO ANY NEWSPAPERS ABOUT MY LIFE.

“I am most definitely not an escort. I never sold a story & I like living a quiet life. Please respect my privacy and stop with this hate campaign.. I am not in the spotlight and haven’t ever had to deal with the world abusing me. It’s a lot for someone to take.

“In the words of Caroline Flack, ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind.’

“Please respect my privacy & leave me alone. Katy Jayne.”

The story Haas brought her popularity on social media as she now has about 27,000 followers. She reportedly has several Premier League players, who she also has ‘nice times’ with.

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