How to score a free kick in FIFA 2021

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Do you want to learn how to score a free kick in Fifa 2021? You are on the right page if your answer is yes. Just like the football game in real life, scoring a free kick is a special skill that must be mastered over time. For you to achieve the feat of always taking the advantage of your free kick opportunities, you have to peruse this article keenly.

Before we go into the tutorial fully, it is important to note that some of the basics you have to consider are the kind of player to select for the kick, the direction of the kick, and the power you use in hitting the ball. If all these are fashioned in before you take the kick, there is a 100% chance that it might end up behind the net.

Steps to take if you want to score a free-kick?

Steps to take if you want to score a free-kick?
  1. Select a free-kick taker

One of the most important steps to take before taking a free kick in Fifa 21 is to select a free-kick taker. You might want to ask, ‘how can I select a free-kick taker’? To select your free-kick taker, press on the R2 if you are using PlayStation or press RT if you are using Xbox to change your free-kick taker. After that, select the available player that you intend to use to take the kick.

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Ensure that any player you select can take the shot from the distance the foul was committed. You can know the player that can take the free-kick through the player’s ratings which will be displayed immediately you press the R2 or RT on your gamepad.

  1. Aiming and shooting

Now that you have selected the player you intend to take the free-kick with, ensure that you aim at the corner of the goalpost. To do that, ensure you use a right-footed player to take a free-kick from the left side of the pitch and use a player that is left-footed to play a free-kick from the right side of the pitch.

If you want to shoot the kick with power in Fifa 21, choose a player that has a high rating of PWR (Power), if you want to play the kick with more accuracy, select a player with a high FKA (Free Kick Accuracy) rating, and then, if you want to bend the kick, select the player with high rating of CRV (Curve).

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Important Notes on How to score a free kick in FIFA 2021:

Important Notes on How to score a free kick in FIFA 2021:

To score a free-kick in Fifa 21, you have to take note of the distance between the goalpost and the spot from which the free-kick will be taken.

If the spot is very close to the goalpost, use players with very high CRV and FKA stats because the higher their ratings, the higher the possibility of being able to curve or dip the kick at goal. When your kicker curves the kick, the ball bends around the defense wall and into the corner of the goalpost. When the kicker dip, the kick goes over the defense wall and then drops into the goalpost.

One important thing to also take note of is the power bar. Make sure you power your power bar to two if the kick is close range and then aim it to the corner of the goalpost using the left stick.

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After that, use the analog stick to add either curve or topspin to the ball immediately your players start moving towards the opposition box. Don’t stop holding on to the direction you have chosen until the ball goes beyond the goalkeeper.

If the free kick spot is way out of the goalpost, you can use the above method too but you have to increase the power bar from two to three or three-and-half.

Below are the best Free kick takers on Fifa 2021 including their Free Kick Accuracy (FKA):

  1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – 94
  2. Dani Parejo (Villarreal) – 93
  3. Miralem Pjanic (Barcelona ) – 92
  4. Enis Bardhi (Levante) – 91
  5. Sebastian Giovinco Al Hilal 80 91
  6. Shunsuke Nakamura (Yokohama FC) – 90
  7. Neymar (PSG ) – 89
  8. James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) – 89
  9. Robert Skov (Hoffenheim) – 89
    10 Ruslan Malinovskyi (Atalanta) – 88

Watch a tutorial on how to score free kick on Fifa 21 below

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