Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden allegedly paid Hotel Worker to bring in two girls

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Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden allegedly paid a hotel worker in Iceland in order to bring in two Icelandic girls into the same hotel England national team players camped when they visited the country.

The team played Iceland national team on Saturday in a Group B European Nations League match which ended 1-0 in favor of England. Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden had the opportunity to make their debut for England national team in the match.

A day after the match, Manchester United‘s Mason Greenwood And Manchester City‘s Phil Foden entertained two Icelandic girls, a 20-year-old Miss Universe contender in Iceland Nadia Gunnarsdottir, and her 19-year-old cousin Lara Clausen. They reportedly stayed in separate hotel rooms for about 7 hours and then sneaked the girls out of the hotel before England‘s team had their breakfast on Monday.

When the management of the team got to realize that Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden had broken the team’s COVID-19 protocol, they were both asked to leave the camp thereby missing the chance to win their 2nd cap on Tuesday when the team played against Denmark. The match ended 0-0.

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The latest reports emanating from the saga claimed that money exchanged hands between Mason Greenwood, Phil Foden, and an employee of Reykjavík, the hotel England’s team camped in. According to The Sun, the money the 20-year-old Foden and 18-year-old Greenwood paid to the employee was in order to win the corporation of the hotel employee which they did.

“They were very keen to meet the women and needed help from an employee, who received a very generous tip”, a source told The Sun.

“There cannot be any doubt they knew what they did was wrong. All the rules had been drummed into them.

“There was less security than usual traveling as no fans were allowed in the stadium and the players took advantage of that.”

Greenwood And Phil Foden also tried to bring in at least four ladies

Greenwood And Phil Foden in an Icelandic hotel
Greenwood And Phil Foden in an Icelandic hotel

Also, there are reports that Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden allegedly attempted to bring in at least four ladies but failed to execute the plan. They had to settle for the two ladies that successfully sneaked into the hotel.

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Futballnews has earlier reported that Manchester United, Manchester City, and English FA have issued separate statements condemning the action of the two players. The two players have also tendered their apologies to their family, the FA, and their fans over the hotel scandal.

However, it is possible that the English FA could decide to slam a stiffer punishment on them or let them go since they have already missed a match because of the incident.

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