How Louis Vuitton Pulled Off Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi’s Picture That Broke The Internet

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The picture showing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess which broke the internet recently happens to be photoshopped.

Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi's Picture That Broke The Internet: How Louis Vuitton Pulled It Off

On Friday, Ronaldo and Messi made headlines when they posted a photo of themselves on their separate social media pages playing chess along with the caption: “Victory is a State of Mind. A long tradition of crafting trunks photographed by @annieleibovitz for @LouisVuitton

The shoot’s behind-the-scenes footage has now been revealed by fashion behemoth Louis Vuitton.

Ronaldo says in the behind the scene video: “This will be my fifth World Cup so I think it is a great achievement.”

Cristiano Ronaldo will be motivated to help Portugal win the greatest reward in all of football, a trophy he has been trying to win for four consecutive editions.

The man CR7, who is 37, said: “I am very optimistic. We have a fantastic coach, we have a good generation of football players. I’m looking forward that we’re going to it an amazing World Cup… [It’s] gonna be tough. Extremely difficult. But everything is possible. But of course, we’re gonna compete.”

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While Messi said: “This will be my fifth World Cup. The most memorable victory was being acclaimed by the Argentinian people. It was a great victory for me.”

The Paris Saint Germain star added: “I think it’s spectacular that trophies travel in Louis Vuitton.”

“This trophy is so important, it is the greatest award of all in football. It deserves the best of the best.”

Messi contrasted this by discussing his personal favorite piece from the Louis Vuitton line.

The 35-year-old remarked: “My favourite Louis Vuitton article is the carry-on suitcase. I travel a lot, so I love it. We had such a good time during the shooting. It was a great experience for me, and I really enjoyed coming here.”

In what will be his final World Cup, Messi wants to lead his nation, Argentina, to victory.

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Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi's Picture That Broke The Internet: How Louis Vuitton Pulled It Off

The Argentina captain voiced his enthusiasm before the competition.

He addressed CONMEBOL, the South American Federation, saying: “We are very excited. We have a very nice group that is very eager, but we think about going little by little.

“We hope to start the World Cup in the best way to face everything that comes after.”

“The more you play and the more time you spend on the pitch, the more you get to know each other.”

Argentina will face Saudi Arabia to open their campaign next week, followed by matches against Mexico and Poland.

On November 20, the first day of the World Cup, saw the host, Qatar, suffer a 2-0 defeat by Ecuador.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

The Messi-Ronaldo rivalry, also known as the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry, is a football rivalry between Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, primarily because they were born at the same era and have similar records and levels of athletic success.

Together, they set numerous records in the sport and are now regarded as two of the greatest players in history.

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With a combined 71 major trophies (Messi 37, Ronaldo 34) won during their senior careers to date, they are two of the most decorated footballers ever. They frequently break the 50-goal mark in a single season.

They are two of the eight players with over 700 goals scored for club and country combined. The record for the most goals scored in a career is held by Ronaldo.

Messi was reported to have said in an interview back in 2007 that: “Cristiano Ronaldo is an extraordinary player and it would be brilliant to be in the same team as him.”

Messi has said there is no rivalry and blames the media for generating it, saying “only the media, the press, who wants us to be at loggerheads but I’ve never fought with Cristiano.”

On the other side, Ronaldo stated in an interview from 2016: “We don’t have a relationship outside the world of football, just as we don’t with a lot of other players.”

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