How German club SG Ripdorf Conceded 37 goals while Trying to Maintain Social Distancing

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SG Ripdorf, an amateur club in Germany proved to the world that prevention is better than cure even if it means getting a scoreline as embarrassing as 37-0. The club decided to play an 11th tier league match against their local rival SV Holdenstedt II; due to the fear of contracting COVID-19, the club decided to field only 7 players against 11.

As if that was not enough, SG Ripdorf’s seven-man team decided to maintain social distancing throughout the duration of the 90 minutes match. Instead of them to defend the attack from the opposition, they moved to the sidelines in order to avoid close contact.

Unfortunately, the opposing team, SV Holdenstedt II, was totally ruthless and humiliated SG Ripdorf by scoring at least a goal in every two minutes in 90 minutes. Before the final whistle, SG Ripdorf have conceded 37 goals without having any shot on target.

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SG Ripdorf vs. SV Holdenstedt: how the club got to this.

SG Ripdorf  vs. SV Holdenstedt: how the club got to this.

It was reported before the match which took place on Sunday that SV Holdenstedt’s players were in contact with someone who had contracted COVID-19 in their past match. Hence, the management of SG Ripdorf insisted that their game should be postponed in order for those players in Holdenstedt who had contact with a COVID-19 patient to self-isolate for two weeks.

However, Holdenstedt insisted that none of their players was in contact with a COVID-19 patient and that all the players had tested negative for the virus. Still, SG Ripdorf insisted that best global practice must be followed which was that those in contact with the COVID-19 patient should self-isolate for two-weeks.

Since the League body administering the lower league didn’t see any risk in allowing the match to go on, SG Ripdorf had to play the match or risk being fined. Hence, seven players in the club volunteered to play the match but agreed among themselves that they would avoid close contact with the opposing team.

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SG Ripdorf’s players did that perfectly and ended up losing 37-0 which they said was better than contracting the dreaded virus and paying a fine for not showing up at all.

“In this pandemic, our club hasn’t much money to pay this so our team said they would play, but keep a distance from the opponents,” Ripdorf co-chairman Patrick Ristow told CNN.

“During the full 90 minutes, our players kept perfect distance so Holdenstedt had enough time to score goals. We didn’t speak about tactics because we all knew that this game would be a big loss. Our opponent didn’t understand when we walked to the side of the pitch.

“We also know that the score is really bad but security is more important than a game for us. For all players this result is okay and [at] the end of the season, it’s important to collect points and not goals.”

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