How did gamers get to enjoy FIFA 21 Early Access on their Xbox One and PS4?

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For gamers who wanted some facts about the release date of FIFA 21 on Xbox One and PS4, especially for Early Acces subscribers, there is no need to worry, this article will give you detailed information about that.

The game was eventually released on October 9 and some fans got some ways to play the latest EA Sports release early before gracing screens across the planet. This was because EA Sports allows people to play FIFA 21 earlier than the release date if it was pre-ordered or subscribe to EA Play or Origin Access. This gave them the chance to even have the feel of the action a week before being released globally.

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Moreover, gamers were able to download the FIFA 21 Demo while early access allows full access to the complete game, rather than just a scaled-down version, like in the demo.

What is FIFA 21 Early Access?

This allows gamers play FIFA 21 early through EA Play and Origin Access on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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With Early Access, gamers were able to download the complete version of FIFA 21 and play the full game before the official launch on October 9.

Although there was a limit to how much they were allowed to play. Since it has not been launched officially, they were only restricted to play FIFA 21 for a maximum of 10 hours during the Early Access period.

In order to enjoy it, many skipped replays, highlights etc. to ensure they get to play as many games as possible during the 10 hours.

The EA Play, which is formerly known as EA Access provided early versions of the other games in the EA Sports stable and cost £3.99/$4.99 per month or £19.99/$29.99 annually.

Some gamers purchased a subscription for EA Access or Origin Access through the online store of their respective consoles in order to play the Early Access version of FIFA 21.

When did FIFA 21 Early Access begin?

FIFA 21 Early Access began on October 1 at 6 pm UK time till the game’s official launch date on October 9.

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For those that had Early Access subscription, there was no need to download FIFA 21 again. This was because immediately after it was officially released, the Early Access version became the full version of the game.

The only thing those subscribers had to do was to purchase the game to play it beyond the point they used to.

When did pre-order access for FIFA 21 begin?

Those who pre-ordered for the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition of FIFA 21 began playing on October 6, three days before the official release.

Unlike Early Access, there was no time limit on this pre-order access. It allowed gamers on that subscriber list to play as much as possible from October 6 onwards.

The pre-order versions of the game became available to download from October 1, but the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition became available for play from October 6 while the Standard Edition was not available to play before the official release date on October 9.

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