How Andre Wisdom of Derby County Was Stabbed in Liverpool

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Championship side Derby County has confirmed that their 27-year-old defender Andre Wisdom was hospitalized after he was stabbed more than once in Liverpool.

The former Liverpool football club defender was reportedly attacked when he left his house at Merseyside at the weekend to pick up his relative who called him for a lift home at night.

Andre Wisdom drove to Wavertree area of Liverpool where he ought to pick up the relative. According to reports, when he alighted from the car, a man rushed to him and stabbed him with a knife and then robbed him.

Afterwards, he was rushed to a hospital in the city of Liverpool where he has been responding to treatment since Saturday night when the accident happened.

Andre Wisdom
Andre Wisdom

“Andre Wisdom has been the victim of an unprovoked assault and robbery,” the club said in a statement. “He sustained injuries which resulted in him being admitted to hospital.”

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The club revealed that Merseyside police have started investigating the attack and “the club will focus its efforts on supporting Andre and his family”.

Andre Wisdom was attacked hours after Derby County‘s 2-1 win over Reading and four days before Derby County’s next match against promotion rivals Preston. This means that Wisdom will miss the Wednesday’s match and probably miss the Saturday’s match against local rivals Nottingham Forest, which is also battling for promotion to the Premier League.

“Get well soon, Wis”, Derby County tweeted on Monday with the picture of the Englishman. His former club, Liverpool football club, commented on Derby County’s tweet via their official Twitter handle urging him to get well soon.

As at the time of publishing this report, the Merseyside police were yet to confirm whether it was a pure robbery attack or an attack that has other motives. Recall that black footballers across the world, especially in England have been very vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Several clubs in the Premier League and in other major leagues across Europe have spoken against racial discrimination and attacks against blacks, a practice that seems not to be in line with the belief of some whites.

Recently, a jet carrying a banner which read, White Lives Matter Burnley flew over the Etihad Stadium while Manchester City and Burnley football club were about to play a Premier League match. The jet flew immediately both sides took a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement which has been very pronounced since the police murdered an African-American, George Floyd, in the United States of America in a broad daylight.

In the meantime, Derby County said Andre Wisdom will be discharged from the hospital later in the week but the people will be more interested in what the police report would say at the end of the day.

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