Here are the 12 top live scores football apps

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As the football season is about to start this weekend in the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, football fans will be looking for more live scores applications (or apps as they call it) that will give them information on the go.

At Futballnews, you know we have your back and we will always get all these football matches covered with previews, highlights, and live commentaries.

Now we are taking it a notch higher by helping you reduce your search for the best football apps.

You can enjoy live scores via football apps installed on your mobile device

We will be revealing to you the 12 top football applications that offer you match analysis, injury news, starting line up, live graphics of football movement between one of the pitches to the other, head-to-head rules, and other vital information you craved. I know you will be saying this is lovely; that’s an understatement.

All you need to do is to go to the available apps stores and have these apps uploaded and update on your devices as they are absolutely free of charge.

List of Best football apps

1. Livescore

This is one of the simplest live score apps. On opening the site, you are provided with all the information you need according to the importance of the league. For instance, the English Premier League comes first on this app, with other tiers in the country, then Spanish La Liga, and the rest.

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Livescore app

It also gives you quick update as goals fly in and it provides live summary of each event in top games.

Apart from providing the likely line-up, the latest version features team line-ups and in-game stats too.

2. Forza Football

This is another distinct app that canvasses the approval ratings of your team’s manager, team, and chairman throughout the campaign.

It provides live scores, line-ups, goal videos, tables, scoring charts, disciplinary/transfer news, and lots more.

3. Stats Zone

As its name indicates, this is the home of football stats. It gathers stats from reliable sources that will allow you to dissect games and be up to speed with latest information and history.

Getting information from Opta stats makes it possible to number-crunch nearly every worthy information available. Those stats range from passes, shots, dribbles, etc and so on) for matches in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS and Champions League.

4. Transfermarkt

This is another special website known for its breadth of appearance data. Although, the mobile version isn’t as good as its browser big brother (which is mainly in German), it provides information that other sites doesn’t have.

5. Live Football On TV

Instead of watching Netflix, you can easily check on this app to know the matches that are on the box, and when they will come up.

Once you have done that, you can enjoy football actions on your free night and leave movies for now.

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6 & 7. BT Sport/Sky Go

BT Sport has taken their game a notch higher with the sponsoring the UEFA Champions League recently. Apart from being a website that gets the behind the scene interview and facts, the app, BT Sport is now the superior of the European nights as you can flick between matches seamlessly.

The app’s ‘Enhanced Player’ allows you to re-watch any goals or big incidents via the timeline at the bottom of the screen. If you miss kick-off, no need to worry about that. Do you want to watch the match from the start? Just scroll back and enjoy it.

8. SofaScore

SofaScore is similar to Forza Football as it offers loads from scores, team news, referee info, and other important details.

With this app, you can pick up the key live stats during a game and, you can uniquely see how your team is faring with the action graph (shown below). The rating of players is done with their own Opta-based algorithm.

9. New Star Soccer

This app has been touted to be an immensely fun and addictive game. With this as a player, you can control the fate of a lower-league 16-year-old and take him to glory

In this app that started in Germany, but now has plenty of leagues on offer, players are forced to maintain relationships with their coaches, team-mates, and aggravating girlfriends.

The interesting part of this app is the latest updates that can take you away from spending all your hard-earned in the casino are the new visuals, animations, effects, and a replay option. FourFourTwo features in it as well.

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10. NewsNow

This is basically a worldwide news aggregator. All it basically does is to help you filter the news and stories you want to see about your club.

11. Top Eleven

This is one of the most interesting live game app fronted by the ‘the lonely one’ Jose Mourinho. It is touted the best mobile management game presently with over 100 million players worldwide.

It offers plenty of online action, and the live player auctions make-ups for entertaining events. With good works, there are trophies and higher levels up for grabs. This means that there is no excuses for losing interest in it.

12. Bundesliga

As the name indicates, this is an app for the Bundesliga fans as it also feature the 2.Bundesliga.

This is not to be missed because it looks great and has essential stats for the season on every player, and the latest news from almost every clubs.

It also has some fine video content, which can be provided to you via push notifications. I know you will want to watch those Bayern Munich goals. This is therefore the real deal for you on that.

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