Harry Maguire sentenced to jail and expected to serve 21 months and 10 days suspend Jail time

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  • Harry Maguire sentenced to jail

Breaking news: Harry Maguire found guilty of all charges.

Harry Maguire was unlucky today as the Greek court handed him a suspended prison sentence of 21 months and 10 days. He was found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery.

Harry Maguire sentenced to jail, but sentence suspended

Today, the Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, 27, was convicted of all the charges against him by a court on the island of Syros.

Maguire was arrested along with his brother and a friend after a fight broke out while he was on holiday in Mykonos. According to reports, the fight started over claims his sister was injected with a suspected “rape drug”.

Maguire’s defense team asked that the court postpone the sentence but the case went on anyways. Maguire, his brother Joe and their friend Christopher Sharman were not present at the time the judgment was served.

The Victim’s Lawyer addressed the press after Harry Maguire was sentenced to jail

The officer’s lawyer said “When you’re a sportsman and a role model you have to accept what you’ve done and say sorry.

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“Until today, we haven’t had that – they have said it’s all the fault of the policeman.

“This was not accepted by the court. The victims and the policeman were assaulted. The only thing they want is an apology.”

he added that the victims were “totally appalled” by Maguire and his co-defendants’ behavior.

A suspended sentence means that the judge will allow convicted Harry Maguire to postpone serving his jail terms. It’s not clear if his legal team will appeal the verdict.

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is less likely to serve any prison time. His legal team is expected to contest the verdict and his team is also aware of the charges against him. Also, he is among the players that were called by England coach Southgate to represent England in the upcoming friendly match.

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