Harry Maguire of Man United might not be in court in Greece this year, here is why

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Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire must be breathing a sigh of relief right now because reports claimed that his trial over attempted bribery and assault on police in Greece might not hold this year.

A Greece prosecutor revealed that the hearing of the case against Maguire might be put on hold until next year due to a load of legal issues that are yet to be attended to due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides that, the prosecutor told The Sun that the chief prosecutor handling the case in Greece contracted COVID-19 in February, hence, work on the trail has been halted.

Recall that after the 2019-2020 football season ended in the United Kingdom, Harry Maguire decided to travel to Mykonos, a Greek Island, with some friends and some of his family members.

On a particular night during his time on the island, he, his brother Joe, and his friend, Chris Sharman, were involved in a brawl with some occupants of the island and the police intervened. According to a statement from Harry Maguire, Manchester United’s captain and his accomplice thought the police were kidnappers, hence they resisted the police.

They were arrested and taken to custody. Afterward, the police released a statement alleging that Maguire and his company assaulted them and attempted to bribe them.

Even though Manchester United’s star debunked the police’s claims, the case was taken to court and Harry Maguire, his brother, and his friend were found guilty.

Harry Maguire leaving a Greek courthouse last summer.
Harry Maguire leaving a Greek courthouse last summer.

Henry Maguire received a 21-month suspended sentence, his 28-year-old brother and his 29-year-old friend were slammed with 13-month suspended sentences for similar offenses.

The football star decided to appeal the case which forced the suspended sentence to remain invalid. Maguire and his two accomplices were expected to be in court this summer for the commencement of the trial but that might not happen, thanks to Covid-19.

“Very few cases are now being heard and there is a very big backlog so it is almost impossible that the case will come to trial”, a Police Prosecution lawyer in Greece, Ioannis Paradissis, told The Sun.

“We want to have it over and done with and my clients are still expecting an apology from Maguire.

“If he says sorry there will be a different result, the court will look at his case more positively. Under Greek criminal law that is always the case.”

After Harry Maguire filed for an appeal and the initial court verdict against him was suspended, the Manchester United captain continued to enjoy his football career in the ongoing 2020-2021 season.

So far this season, the 28-year-old football star has not missed any Premier League games. He has scored two league goals and provided an assist in 27 league games. He has played a total of 39 games in all competitions for United so far this season.