Graham Potter Has Todd Boehly’s Backing Even Without a Top Four Finish This Season

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New Chelsea manager Graham Potter has received the backing of Todd Boehly even without a top-four finish for the Blues this season. This follows a guarantee of a long-term contract assured by Todd Boehy to the former Brighton manager.

Graham Potter
Graham Potter receives Todd Boehly’s long-term backing

Pundits who opined that Thomas Tuchel’s sack was unrelated to the Champions League are not far from the truth. This follows a recent development in which the new manager of the North London club has been assured of the backing of Todd Boehly and other members of the Chelsea hierarchy even if he does not make a top-four this season. Todd Boehly is reportedly said to be ready to stick to Graham Potter even if he misses the Champions League spot. This followed his deliberate plan to shuffle for his long-term manager that would suit his plans for the club.

On Thursday, 8 September 2022, Todd Boehly named Graham Potter as the new Chelsea coach after he had sacked Thomas Tuchel a few hours after a shock defeat to Dinamo Zagreb.

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As usual, Graham Potter knows his new club is not a mid-table team and will be expected to at least come up with a top-four finish and penetrate deep into the Champions League, which will be his debut appearance as a manager.

Graham Potter
Chelsea replaces Tuchel with Potter

However, in a recent development from Todd Boehly and Chelsea’s hierarchy, a long-term plan and contract that play down Graham Potter’s achievement with the club this year are being prepared.

According to reports, Todd Boehly does not see Graham Potter’s debut year with the club as enough reason to rip up the plan and dismiss the manager, endangering the long-term plan.

After a thorough evaluation of the club in his first 100 days in charge as the new owner, Todd Boehly is smugly confident about the choice of Graham Potter as the new Chelsea manager. He will likely stick to the new manager, reversing the dramatic mid-term dismissals during Abramovich’s era which saw Felipe Luiz, Scolari, Andre Villa Boas, Roberto Di Mateo, and Frank Lampard, including Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti, leave their jobs in mid-season.

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Abramovich was not afraid to sack managers irrespective of the timing and records. Carlo Ancelotti was relieved of his job even after winning the League and cup double for the club. Mourinho took Chelsea to a Premier League title with a record number of points but was still dismissed from his role by Abramovich with a little traction of poor results.

Graham Potter
Graham Potter is the new Chelsea manager with long-term backing

Todd Boehly’s new stance on Graham Potter slightly departs from the Abramovich era. Despite not having experience coaching a big team, Todd Boehly believes in Graham Potter given his long-term exploits at Brighton.

Graham Potter has only a credential that appeals to the American investor – he has shown that he can achieve and go far if given time, just as he did at Brighton. Whether he can replicate this at Chelsea is a question that time will answer.

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