Google Stadia: Will FIFA 21 be available on cloud gaming service?

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Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Google. It is can stream video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with support for high-dynamic-range. Ahead of the release of FIFA 21, questions were asked if the game will be on Google stadia. Not to worry, this article will do justice to that.

It could be recalled that FIFA 20 which was released in 2019 wasn’t available to play on the new platform. This has led to speculations that it might be the same for FIFA 21. The question now is will there be a change when the upcoming game is released?

FIFA 21 set to be available on Gogle Stadia

After launching in 2019, Google Stadia now has over 100 game titles to play on the new streaming platform. But it remains unknown if the platform will have the most popular football video game in the world.

Will FIFA 21 will be on Stadia ?

This has been the constant question being asked by the game lovers. I bring you the good news that FIFA 21 will be available on the platform.

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This is a good news for game lovers as this will be the first time that a FIFA title will be on the new gaming platform.

Now that the inclusion of the game on the platform has been confirmed, the details are still sketchy despite the fact that EA Sports has confirmed that it will be playable in winter. Therefore, more information is expected to be be released later in 2020.

Featuring on the platform makes it the second high-profile football video game to be included in Stadia’s offering. Football Manager 2020 becomes the first soccer game to include when it was launched in 2019.

Although EA Sports already has other titles on Stadia which include Madden NFL 21 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Apart from being available on Stadia, FIFA 21 will also be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X. This means it will be more widely available than ever.

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Cost of FIFA 21 on Google Stadia

Before you can play FIFA 21 on Google Stadia, you must have a Stadia account, which is free. According to reports, a Stadia Pro subscription costs £8.99 a month in the UK or $9.99 a month in the US.

Meanwhile, the standard edition of FIFA 21 costs at £59.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US. But it is yet to b know if that price will remain the same on Stadia.

Before paying, Stadia Pro offers a month-long free trial. This is to allow gamers to figure out whether the premium platform is for them or not.

For instance, a Pro subscriber gets access to a free library of games and offers the perk of discounts on other games.

You need to buy a Stadia controller to play games. It can be purchased for £59 in the UK or $69 in the US. If you’re playing on your computer, though, you can also use a compatible gamepad or a mouse and keyboard.

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When was FIFA 21 released?

FIFA 21 has been released worldwide on October 9. What remains unclear when is when it will be released on Stadia.

Meanwhile, EA has confirmed that FIFA 21 will be available to play on Stadia this winter. This could be possible during the same window as the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X.

How to get Google Stadia?

All you need to do in getting Google Stadia is by signing up for a subscription at the streaming service’s official website.

You will then need a laptop or device such as a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone with an internet connection to play the game. You can as well play through Google Chrome, on a TV using Chromecast, as well as on devices with the Stadia app.

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