Giorgio Chiellin

Giorgio Chiellini signs a new contract with Juventus, he will turn 37 years old in a few days

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Italy national team player Giorgio Chiellini signs a new contract at an old age of 36-plus, he will be 37 years old on August 14 and he just signed a two years contract with Juventus.

The Juventus defender will be over 39 years old by the time his contract expires. He would be the oldest footballer among all the active players at a top club.

Chiellini, said: “It’s better not to think about it [my age]! It makes me feel even older!”I’m happy, even if a lot of times it seems to be a formality, as they are important steps in life.”I arrived here barely an adult and now I’m part of the family, I’m a mature person who’s aware of enjoying every moment of the last few years.”

This is what Chiellini said about his current coach Allegri after reuniting with him “I’m happy to see him again and he’s clearly a person that has given a lot and has given me a lot,” Chiellini said of Allegri.”I’m convinced that he’s the right person to take this squad back to the top and create a new cycle.”

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