Ghana football federation sacked coach Milovan Rajevac following a disgraceful exit from AFCON

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Ghana was booted from AFCON for failing to make it to the next wrong of the AFCON competition despite being in a very easy group. 

Ghana’s National team football coach Milovan Rajevac started faced heavy criticism when Ghana lost to underdog Comoros and many asked him to resign but he refused to resign and said he was here to stay.

Here is a video of Chana coach Milovan Rajevac telling the press that he will not resign,.

Milovan Rajavac was asked to resign but he said no, I came here to take Ghana to the world cup. I will not resign.

“I came to this presser expecting questions on the match, not an agenda. I will not resign, because I came here to take Ghana to the World Cup,” he said, per The Guardian journalist Gary Al-Smith.  

“I will stay and lead Ghana in the World Cup qualifiers in March.

“I believe we have a team that can become stronger and get to the World Cup.

“I took this job with the aim of taking Ghana to the World Cup.

“This competition did not go well but it is a learning process for us.” 

Based on Ghana Pulse, the minister was quoted to have said, “The Ministry made it clear to the GFA that the people of Ghana have lost confidence in the capacity of the current technical team of the Black Stars to deliver success. The Ministry, therefore, asked the GFA to review the work and capacity of the Black Stars technical team led by the head coach Milovan Rajevac.

“Following the emergency meeting, the Ministry, in accordance with its mandate, asked the Ghana Football Association to reconstitute the Black Stars Management Committee.”

Coach Milovan Rajevac was a former player professional football player, he was a manager for Serbian football and now manages Ghana national team. He was fired today and he is now jobless.  Ghana Football federation’s head office is expected to make an official announcement very soon.  

He became Ghana Blackstar head coach in August 2008 then he quit his job as the Ghanaian national team head coach in September 2010. A few years down the line, Rajevac returned to his Ghana National team job in September 2021. He was fired a month after, today January 22, 2022.

Milovan Rajevac’s salary rate

As the Ghana National team head coach, the Serbian earned a salary of $30,000 monthly and will get an additional bonus of $300,000 if he wins the AFCON and another $300,000 if the Black Stars qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

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