Gary Neville, prominent figures sign manifesto, ‘Saving Our Beautiful Game’calling for reform of English football

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It seems the discussions about reforms of English won’t end anytime soon as former Manchester United captain, Garry Neville and seven other prominent figures presented another manifesto.

Neville, who now works as a TV pundit alongside seven others has signed a manifesto titled ‘Saving Our Beautiful Game’ with the aim of restructuring English football and distribute funds in a more equal manner.

According to the manifesto, the Football Association has shown itself to be incapable of the task and there needs to be an “independent regulator or commissioner”.

Part of those calling for the reform includes former Football Association chairman David Bernstein. They want an independent regulator to solve the “crisis” in English football. Others include former FA executive director David Davies, ex-Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis and the mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham.

Garry Neville

“National game operates within a model that is fundamentally flawed and exists in a dysfunctional and damaging existing structure,” part of the manifesto reads.

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This is coming in the same week the Premier League rejected reforms led by Liverpool and Manchester United titled the Project Big Picture.

“If the EPL [English Premier League] is to perform its role as the pinnacle of the domestic game, its responsibilities and financial contribution to the wider game need to be more carefully defined.

“It also needs to be complemented by an effective and independent body to oversee the financial regulation of the game. The FA lacks credibility and has proved to be largely ineffective as a governing body. It has not modernised and is not sufficiently independent,” says the manifesto.

Recommendations of the ‘Saving Our Beautiful Gam’ manifesto

In the manifesto, they recommended setting up an “independent regulator or commissioner” and tackling financial disparity throughout the football pyramid.

“The principle is that we don’t trust that football can govern itself and create the fairest deal for all, whether that’s the Premier League, EFL clubs, non-League clubs or the fans.

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“It has been proven over this past six months that football has struggled to bring everyone together and proven to be incapable over a 25-30 year period of transforming the money in the game into something that works for everybody.

“I want the best Premier League in the world, but I want sustainable football clubs. There is enough money in the game to be able to have an elite Premier League, a sustainable and competitive EFL, money passed down to non-League and grassroots and where fans can get a fair deal.

“That’s where an independent regulator, with that spirit at the heart of it, can come in and say ‘that’s not fair’,” Neville told Sky Sports.

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