Gareth Southgate of England defends his decision to settle for a point against Scotland

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The head coach of the England national team, Gareth Southgate has insisted that the one point his team gained from the Euro 2020 match against Scotland on Friday, June 18, is a positive step toward the qualification of the team for the round of 16.

But most football fans in England were not pleased with the performance of the Three Lions of England. Though England had the most of the possession, Scotland showed more firepower throughout the game.

For instance, Scotland had 11 shots, two of which were on target. While England who played in the presence of their home fans managed to make 9 shots, one of which was on target. But in terms of possession, England recorded 61 percent while Scotland managed 39 percent of the possession.

Most of England’s fans blamed the team’s striker, Henry Kane for not doing much to earn England the maximum three points against their arch-rival Scotland.

Gareth Southgate of England defends his decision to settle for a point against Scotland
Henry Kane appreciates the fans after the 0-0 draw with Scotland.

Others blamed coach Gareth Southgate for adopting a cautious approach against Scotland which did not work for England that naturally ought to be an attacking-minded team.

Though England drew 0-0, they are still in an advantageous position to qualify from Group D as they are currently occupying the second spot behind the Czech Republic who have recorded a win and a draw just like England.

Both Czech Republic and England have four points apiece, hence their last group game which will be between the two teams on Tuesday, June 22 at 20:00 might determine who will scale through from the group. And also the team that might finish top of the group.

Coach Gareth Southgate said: “It feels difficult in the last 15 minutes of a game like tonight where fans are desperate for you to go forward and abandon shape because it’s Scotland, it feels like a unique occasion, but we have to still approach it that a point is still an important step towards a qualification, which ultimately is the first objective for us.

“I think in those moments if we had to chase to win with no consequence for conceding, you might approach it differently; but all the time, it’s a night where it was a bit frantic, it wasn’t a game with a huge amount of control, and you have to make sure that sitting on three points as we were, you manage the tournament as well as the game.

“It’s easy to gamble towards the end, and lose shape, and then end up losing the game in the last five minutes, then you’re kicking yourself for not managing the tournament. I understand we’re at Wembley, we wanted to win, but in the context of the tournament qualification is the most important thing.

“It’s a game where we didn’t hit the levels we wanted to, or need to, and have to accept whatever comes our way, I’ll have to accept whatever comes my way, I totally understand that, but what we need to do is make sure we get behind the players.

“There’s a lot of young players who need the support of everybody – most of them haven’t been involved in a game like that before, they’ll learn a lot and bounce back from it, but they need everybody behind them.”