Gareth Bale is two steps away from playing in his first FIFA World Cup, Wales’ coach Robert Page is very proud

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Gareth Bale is two steps away from playing in his first FIFA World Cup as his national team, Wales, qualified for playoffs on Tuesday, November 16.

Wales played their last World Cup qualification game on Tuesday against Belgium, the leaders of Group E that have booked their ticket to Qatar before the match.

Hence, all Wales and the other three teams in the group had to fight for was a second spot finish. As for Wales, all they had to do was to beat or draw with Belgium to grab the second spot.

The game started with a huge scare for Wales when Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne scored the game opener in the 12th minute. However, Wales were able to quickly get back to the game, thanks to Moore’s 32nd-minute goal.

The 1-1 draw sent Gareth Bale and his teammates to the play-offs which will kick off in March 2022. During the play-offs, Wales are expected to play two single-elimination games.

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Once they can scale through the two elimination games, Gareth Bale and his team would grab a ticket to Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

If that happens, that would be the first time since 1958 that Wales made it to the World Cup. The 1958 World Cup appearance was Wales’s first and only World Cup appearance in the country’s history.

The draw for the first elimination match (semi-final) will take place on November 26 and Wales could be paired against Turkey, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, or the Czech Republic.

Based on UEFA’s arrangement, the playoffs would kick off on March 24 and by March 29, 2022, all the 12 European teams that will be involved in the playoffs would have known their fate.

The 12 teams will be grouped into three groups of four teams. Each group has one World Cup ticket which means that any team that wins the final of the playoffs for each group would get a ticket to Qatar.

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After making it to the playoffs via a 1-1 draw with Belgium, the coach of Wales, Robert Page revealed how proud he was of the players for making the country proud.

He went on to thank supporters of the national team who were the extra force throughout the game against Belgium, noting that their support helped the team to succeed.

Gareth Bale is two steps away from playing his first FIFA World Cup, Wales' coach Robert Page is very proud
Wales coach Robert Page and the country’s captain Gareth Bale.

“I could not be more proud of the players. They’ve done the country proud,” said Page.

“I was a blubbering wreck. It was an emotional time of just telling the players how proud I am.

“If I could get you to understand the dynamics of that group of players in there, the camaraderie they’ve got, the team spirit, it’s unbelievable.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. To be part of that makes me truly proud to lead themโ€ฆ

“I want to take this opportunity to thank our supporters. In the last two games, they’ve been exceptional.

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“When they were singing the anthem at the end, their support for us, I’ve been there as a player myself and it absolutely helps

“We look forward to the home tie now. They were fantastic and certainly helped us achieve that.”

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