Fulham relegated from PL alongside Sheffield United and West Brom

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Fulham have joined the other two Premier League relegated clubs – Sheffield United and West Brom down to Championship with three league games left to play.

Fulham were fighting for survival until they met with Burnley on Monday, May 10 at Craven Cottage. Unfortunately for Fulham who could have won the home game to keep their hope of surviving relegation alive, they lost 0-2 to the struggling Burnley.

Fulham conceded the first goal in the match in the 35th minute and then conceded the second goal in the 44th minute which made it inevitable that the London side would play in the Championship next season alongside Sheffield United and West Brom.

Fulham went down after recording 27 points in 35 league games. They suffered 18 defeats and 12 draws. They only enjoyed 5 wins which only earned them an eighteenth place finish on the league table.

After it was confirmed that Fulham have been relegated, the club coach Scott Parker said he is hurt and gutted that the club had to be relegated to the Championship, a season after the club gained promotion to the Premier League.

“I’m hurt, I’m gutted,” he told Sky Sports. “This has been looming us, we’ve flirted with it for a long time, there are no words that I can say other than I am gutted we have not been successful this year. Staying in this division was a success for us, we knew it was always going to be a challenge, but it is bitterly disappointing not to do that.

“That game probably sums up our season. In between both boxes this year we’ve had our moments and looked on the good side, but where we have fallen short is the other side of that. Tonight, defensively, the two goals are poor, and when we got the ball in the area in those clinical moments where you need the final details and criticalness, we fell short.

“While we have had progression, we have fallen short at this level. There is no denying that, that is why we have been relegated. We need to work out what we need to do to improve that, not just as players and a team but as a football club. We’ve had relegation, promotion, and relegation. After the highs and lows of that journey, we need to find how we can keep a level about ourselves. That is the next task.

“The performance levels have been there, the fine margins and gulf in class in this division are so small. We’ve been so close at times but yet so far. Over the last five or six games, we’ve just fallen short. We need to work out very quickly as football club where we went wrong this year.

“We’re on a rollercoaster – relegation, promotion, relegation – now is not the time to talk about it, but we certainly need to make some big decisions, we need to understand what we need to do and where we need to improve, and transfers are definitely going to be an area we look at.”

After helping to relegate Fulham, Burnley’s coach Sean Dyche laments

Fulham relegated from PL alongside Sheffield United and West Brom
Burnley players celebrate after defeating Fulham on Monday.

Just like Fulham, Sheffield United, and West Brom, Burnley were one of the clubs in the Premier League that have been struggling to survive relegation.

Though they heave a sigh of relief after defeating Fulham to end their journey in the Premier League, Burnley’s coach Sean Dyche said the 2020-2021 season has been the most difficult of his career.

It was so difficult for Burnley that the club managed to record only 10 victories in 35 games. They recorded 16 defeats and 9 draws which gave them 39 points and helped them to remain on the 14th spot. However, their performance has given them a chance to play in the Premier League next season.

Coach of Burnley Sean Dyche on duty against Fulham.

Still, Sean Dyche who led Burnley to finish on the 10th spot with 54 points in 38 games last season, believes that the club would have done better this season if not because of injury woes.

He said: “It’s my most challenging season as a manager of the club, we’ve had so many injuries and challenges this year, but they’ve risen to it.

“There’s so much going on from the lockdown, the sale of the club and it finally going through. If I wrote a book, you’d put it in the fiction section.

“I’ve never witnessed the amount of injuries we’ve had, it’s been against us all season. Obviously, a lack of investment from the outgoing owners was difficult, but I never wavered my belief in the group. So many different things, and then you have to go out and beat the opposition enough to get the points to stay in the Premier League too.”

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