Frank Lampard Makes U-turn, rates Cristiano Ronaldo above Lionel Messi

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Former Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard has rated Manchester United forward, Cristiano Ronaldo above Paris Saint Germain forward, Lionel Messi.

According to the Chelsea legend and ex-England international, he decided to rate Ronaldo above his arch-rival, Messi, after he watched Gary Neville’s debate with Jamie Carragher on Neville’s Overlap show.

When Neville hosted Frank Lampard on the show recently, the former England international asked Lampard to choose between Messi and Ronaldo. In his reaction, Lampard admitted that he used to be a Messi supporter but he has now switched to Ronaldo.

He said: “You know what, I’ve always been a Messi man… and then I watched your debate with Carra (Carragher) recently.

“I actually think for what Ronaldo’s output and actual numbers and goals in big finals, and semi-finals like we’ve seen. I think I maybe give him the edge now.

“That’s gonna start a load of hate now.”

Lampard’s recent submission on the Ronaldo vs Messi debate was contrary to his initial submission that he preferred Messi to Ronaldo.

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In an interview in 2020, Lampard was quoted as saying: “I’m gonna go Messi on this on pure, natural talent but what Ronaldo has done has been absolutely incredible.”

The Ronaldo vs Messi debate has been a lingering one. The more the football icons achieve in the game, the more their fans debate over who is the greatest between the two players.

Messi is now 34-year-old while Ronaldo is now 36-year-old but the two players are still competing at the highest level which makes them the most talked about footballers of their generation.

Frank Lampard reveals what Jose Mourinho told him after Chelsea sacked him

Frank Lampard reveals what Jose Mourinho told him after Chelsea sacked him
File photo of Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho.

Former Chelsea’s coach, Frank Lampard, said he met with Jose Mourinho in London after the former England international was sacked by Chelsea.

Recall that Lampard and Mourinho worked together at Chelsea between 2004 and 2007. They also worked together at Chelsea between 2013 and 2014 before Lampard left the Premier League side for Manchester City.

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Less than three years after Lampard retired from football, the English tactician left Derby County where he was serving as a coach to return to Chelsea as the club’s coach in 2019.

The Englishman spent less than two seasons at Chelsea before the club decided to sack him in 2021 and replaced him with Thomas Thomas Tuchel.

After he was sacked, he met with Mourinho who consoled him by telling the 43-year-old English tactician that he is now a real coach.

“I bumped into Jose in the streets around here [Chelsea] just after getting sacked”, Lampard told Neville.

“He had a mask on as it was Covid. I didn’t get him to the last minute and he whips his mask off.

“He come over and gave me a big hug and he went ‘now you’re a real manager because you’ve been sacked’.

“I was like ‘cheers’ but I loved it, you know what I mean”.

Jose Mourinho is now the coach of an Italian side Roma after coaching a series of clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester United, and Porto. While Lampard is still without a coaching job since Chelsea sacked him on 25 January 2021.

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