France Goalkeeper Mike Maignan Mocks “Anti-Martinez” Penalty Rule

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Mike Maignan has mocked “anti-Martinez” penalty rule which will come into force in July 1.

anti-Martinez penalty rule
Mike Maignan mocks “anti-Martinez” penalty rule introduced by IFAB

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez sparked reactions when he took up a controversial psychological antics aimed at France players who were taking the World Cup final penalty shootouts.

His antics yielded result as Argentina ended up winning their third World Cup and first since 1986.

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez sparked reactions with his penalty antics during 2022 World Cup final shootout against France

However, after the game, International Football Association Board, IFAB, an administrative wing of FIFA, were determined to curb such antics in the future to promote Fair play.

Last week, IFAB announced a new rule has been set to prevent such scenarios in the future and it will come into force from July 1.

The aim of the legislation is to ensure goalkeepers stick to their post during penalties and refrain from trying to distract penalty takers by taunting them just as Emiliano Martinez did.

anti-Martinez penalty rule
Emiliano Martinez speaking to 2022 World Cup final referee while Kolo Muani arranges his penalty kick

The new rule as set by IFAB is detailed and elaborate to dissuade goalkeepers from unneccesary mind games during penalty kicks.

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From the rule, goalkeepers are not allowed to touch the net, either post or the crossbar before penalty kicks.

They cannot also kick or throw the ball to distract the penalty takers.

Most importantly, they are not allowed to speak or gesture to the penalty taker in any way before the penalty.

The rule also fumes at what they call “over-the-top-celebrations” which is disrespectful to the penalty taker.

Anti-Martinez new penalty rules outline

  • Goalkeepers must not touch either posts, the crossbar or the goal net before a penalty is taken.
  • Goalkeepers must not delay the execution of a penalty.
  • Goalkeepers must not unfairly distract the taker.
  • Goalkeepers must not show behaviours that fail to show respect.

Reacting to the new set of “anti-Martinez” rules as introduced by IFAB, France goalkeeper aimed a satirical remark on outline of the rules.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Mike Maignan wrote in French,

“New IFAB penalty rules 2026: Goalkeepers must have their backs to the shot. If the penalty is saved, the opposition gets an indirect freekick.”

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Mike Maignan is obviously not favorably disposed to the “anti-Martinez” penalty rule which he thinks is stifling to the goalkeepers while emboldening penalty takers.

Mike Maignan was instrumental in France 4-0 pummelling of Netherlands in their Euros 2024 qualifiers opener.

He saved Memphis Depay’s 95th minute penalty to aid France sweep the win against the Dutch with a clean sheet.

anti-Martinez penalty rule
Mike Maignan saved Memphis Depay’s 95th minute penalty as France defeat Netherlands 4-0 in Euros 2024 qualifiers opener at Stade de France

While IFAB aims to promote Fair Play during penalty kicks, the rule is seen differently from the angle of goalkeepers like Maignan who believes it is stifling and unjust to the goalies.

Maignan is Didier Deschamps’s first choice goalkeeper now after Hugo Lloris announced his retirement from international football after the 2022 World Cup.

Maignan’s first start in post-Hugo Lloris’ Les Bleus era was superb, but it is apparent the goalie is not comfortable with the latest changes brought into the penalty taking process by IFAB.

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Do you agree with Mike Maignan?

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