Former Spurs Star Jermain Defoe Abandoned Girlfriend Donna-Louise For His Estranged Wife Donna

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Former Tottenham and Premier League star Jermaine Defoe reportedly abandoned his girlfriend Donna-Louise for his estranged wife Donna Tierney.

Jermaine Defoe
Jermaine Defoe

The Premier League and former Liverpool forward ditched Donna-Louise with a dog named after him and returned to date his wife Donna Tierney.

Jermaine Defoe reportedly left Donna-Louise Boyle, 34, heartbroken after he brushed her off and returned to his wife.

Sources close to the estranged lovers said the duo were loved up in the fiery flames of affection and were very close before the shock move by the former Premier League star, who suddenly break up with the 34-year-old.

Defoe shared a pet Chow Chow dog called Kai Lion Defoe, with Donna-Louise which has its own Instagram account, buttressing the love and affection between the two.

Shots of the former Tottenham ace and football pundit with the dog are still accessible on his public media profile.

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Jermaine Defoe
Defoe with the pet he shared with Donna-Louise

In one of the shots, Defoe was spotted petting Kai outside in May 2021, and that came three months before he suddenly broke up with his girlfriend and proposed to now estranged wife Donna Tierney.

Donna Tierney and Donna-Louise are from Glasgow, and the Premier League star must have met them while plying his trade with Rangers in the Scottish Premier League.

After breaking up with Donna Tierney, Jermaine Defoe got married to the mum-of-one in a lavish £200,000 ceremony.

Jermaine Defoe
Jermaine Defoe left girlfriend for estranged wife even after being married to her

They reportedly hooked up after he messaged her on social media and met when she asked him for a signed Rangers shirt for a charity event.

According to sources close to the estranged lovers, Defoe’s split with Donna was a really bad time in Donna-Louise’s life because she genuinely loved him.

“It was a bitter pill for Donna-Louise to swallow, but she’s moved on from Jermain now,” the source said.

Donna-Louise is the boss of Cocoberry chocolate shop in Glasgow, who fell victim to the deceptive maneuvers of Defoe.

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Meanwhile, it has been confirmed there is no record of Defoe’s marriage to her at the local register office, and no images of the two lovers getting married which was published.

Jermaine Defoe

This points to Defoe’s ulterior motives despite the wedding. He had even reportedly messaged a nurse begging for sex after the wedding.

Now, he has returned to his estranged wife Donna Tierney leaving Donna-Louise in heartbreak.

Following the development, Donna-Louise has reportedly refuse to comment when she was contacted, and sources close to her have maintained she is already moving on.

Meanwhile, Jermaine Defoe has been blamed for the whole unpleasant drama as it unfolds. Partly, his illicit drives and urge to romp with a lot of women is also a factor in the whole scenario.

Reports have it that he attempted to lure the nurse he begged for sex weeks after the wedding into his Range Rover and romp with her but the latter rejected his advances.

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Donna-Louise is at the sad end of the tale. It is evident Jermaine Defoe was not intent on long-term engagement despite the flashy wedding.

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