Former Liverpool Star Jay Spearing Down With Addison Disease.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Jay Spearing has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with a harmful disease.

Jay Spearing
Jay Spearing down with Addison disease

The 34-year-old former Liverpool player who now works as under 18 manager for the Merseyside club was told to spend part of Christmas in hospital after being diagnosed with Addison’s disease.

Jay Spearing was admonished to urgently visit the hospital for a check-up to prevent his body from shutting down.

He was, however, hospitalized after he had some blood tests conducted on Christmas eve.

The blood tests carried out on the Liverpool academy graduate and under-18’s coach Jay further revealed that it was Addison’s disease.

Addison’s disease is an uncommon illness that occurs when the adrenal glands fail to produce enough of certain hormones.

And this illness can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, low mood, loss of appetite and unintended weight loss to its patient.

The disease is most common among people between the ages of 30 and 50, with women more vulnerable to adrenal deficiency.

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Jay Spearing
Jay Spearing

Jay, who had wished he had a merry Christmas unfortunately had his attention dramatically turned away from the euphoria of the festive period following his sickening condition.

Expressing the disappointment of being bedridden at a hospital on Christmas eve, Spearing wrote on his Instagram page: “My first Christmas off in 17 years was a little different than I expected.

“After blood tests with the club on Christmas Eve I was told I needed to attend hospital urgently before my body started shutting down.”

Jay Spearing

“I was potentially hours/days away from going into something called adrenal crisis.
After more observations and tests were carried out, they diagnosed me with Addison’s disease.”

It ultimately occurs Jay Spearing does not wish to see anyone get Addison’s disease.

As he struggles to recover, he urges anyone to seek a check-up if they ever detect any differences in their body system.

He added: “Moral of the story, is don’t ignore changes in your body, no matter how small,” he added. “Get them checked out!”

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Jay Spearing started his career with Liverpool as a youth-team player in 1997.
He was the captain of the Liverpool Under 18s that won the FA Youth Cup in 2007.

The former Liverpool midfielder Spearing made his debut for the first team in a 2008 UEFA Champions League clash against PSV.

He thereafter went on to make 55 appearances after his debut for the senior team, including a start in the 2012 FA Cup final match under legendary Liverpool manager Sir Kenny Dalglish.

After leaving Liverpool in 2013, Jay Spearing has since gone on to play for Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, and Tranmere Rovers before an emotional reunion at Anfield on the 17th of June,2022.

Jay’s current role enables the Liverpool ace to combine full-time coaching duties with appearing for Liverpool’s under-21 side as an officially-registered over-aged footballer.

Football fans, as well as we at futballnews, wish the Liverpool ace, Jay Spearing a speedy recovery.

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