Former Arsenal Academy Star Daniel Cain Needs 24-hour Care After ‘Spiked’ Drink Paralyzed Him

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Former Arsenal academy teenager Daniel Cain has been left paralyzed and now needs 24-hour care after his drink was allegedly “spiked”.

His family has set up a GoFundMe account for the 23-year-old, who is currently in a wheelchair for nearly three years.

What happened to Daniel Cain?

The bombshell of his plight fell on a hellish night of June 9, 2020, when Daniel suffered a cardiac arrest after his drink was allegedly spiked.

His friends who were partying with him had noticed him turning a “funny color” at the club.

His pals tried to perform CPR while waiting for an ambulance, with paramedics working for 24 minutes before getting his heart beating again.

Meanwhile, during the time he was unconscious, his brain and spinal cord were starved of oxygen.

The 23-year-old, who played in the Gunners youth academy and Barnet as a youngster was subsequently in a coma for 25 days.

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While at the hospital, doctors told his family that even if he did wake up, he’d be in a vegetative state.

Daniel Cain

But his mum, Tracey, said he renounced the statement with faith that her son will get back to life.

She said: “At around 3-4 in the morning they tried to prepare us that he wasn’t going to wake up but I said to keep trying. I wasn’t going to accept he wasn’t going to come around.”

Consequently, Daniel Cain did wake up and his cognitive function began to gradually return.

Daniel Cain

After two-and-a-half years, with admission into five different hospitals, Daniel returned home in December 2022.

The youngster has been given the opportunity to stand and walk again through one organization called Neurokinex.

Daniel Cain

Tracey explained the physio is Daniel’s “happy place”.

She added: “He responds well – that’s like his happy place when he’s exercising. It’s more frustrating when he isn’t able to do it.”

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But only the first six sessions were sponsored by the NHS, with each session now costing £63 per hour.

Daniel’s family estimated the cost of the rehab to be roughly £24,000 a year and will take a minimum of two to three years before Daniel could walk again.

Regarding this, Daniel’s sister Natalie set up the GoFundMe with an initial target of £20k.

Daniel’s short-term memory was damaged by the horrible incident but he could still remember things from his childhood and his mum said that he is “gradually coming back and improving all the time”.

Daniel Cain, aside his football prowess, is a qualified electrical service engineer and had worked on some massive global and local projects including Google Offices in Germany and Cross Rail at Bond Street Station in London.

You can support Daniel’s GoFundMe campaign as your donations would go a long way in making his dream to walk again come true.

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