“Football Is Boring”, Ronaldo Nazario Says As He Falls In Love With Another Sport [Video]


Former Brazil striker Ronaldo Nazario made an overwhelming statement about the current situation in football.

The two-time Ballon d’Or winner revealed the fact that he would rather watch tennis for a long time than football, with claims that football is now boring.

During an interview with EuroSports, the retired striker said, “I think I love more tennis now than football. I cannot watch football matches. I think it’s too boring. I can stay for 5 hours watching tennis.”

Ronaldo is not the only Brazilian who has revealed his thoughts about the current state of football. Former Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho revealed he would not watch the Brazil national team perform in the 2024 Copa America.

Ronaldinho took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts about football in the Brazil national team. “That’s it, folks; I’ve had enough, This is a sad moment for those who love Brazilian soccer”, he said.

“It’s getting hard to find the spirit to watch the games. This is perhaps one of the worst teams in recent years; it has no respectable leaders and only average players for the majority.”

After his statement was heavily criticized by the Brazilian players, Ronaldinho came out to address his comments, claiming it was a public stunt.

Is Football Really Boring?

Football has witnessed tactical changes over the years, with different teams playing some entertaining football. Currently, players are accustomed to a different system that makes football seem boring.

For instance, the kick-and-follow system which makes football less entertaining. Many teams kick the ball from the goalkeeper to wingers who are capable of running. They then run on the wings before they cross the ball for a tap-in or a header.

Let us also look at the Tiki Taka system, which makes a team pass the ball more than 50 times before making a goal attempt. This system has made football less fun because individual skills are sacrificed in this style of football.

The Park the Box method, where a team will have to impose high defensive tactics to stop opponents from scoring goals is another tactic most fans hate to see.

The passion to score goals is no longer there. The urge to make the fans want to watch more is no longer there.

We have seen a couple of matches where fans sleep off in the stadium due to tactical rigidity and players not interested in playing with freedom. 

How old is Ronaldo Nazario?

The former Brazil International was born on September 18, 1976, in the city of Itaguai, Brazil. He is currently 47 years old, with a height of 6 feet and 0 inches.

Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario’s achievements

He won the Best FIFA Men Player Award three times. He won the Ballon d’Or award twice. In addition, the retired striker won the award for the best player in Europe and Inter Milan player of the year in 1998.

He won the Best Player Award in Serie A in 1998. Ronaldo won six Golden Boot awards. The former Brazil international won two World Cups, two Copa Americas, and the Confederations Cup with the Brazil national team.

He won two La Liga titles, one UEFA Super Cup, one Spanish Super Cup, and one Intercontinental Cup with Real Madrid. 

Ronaldo Nazario

During his playing career at AC Milan, he won the UEFA Super Cup. 

While he was at Barcelona, Ronaldo won the Spanish Super Cup, the Copa del Rey, and the Europapokal Cup.

He won the Europa League with Inter Milan. Ronaldo also won the Dutch Cup with PSV. While he was playing in the Brazilian League, he won the Brazilian Cups with Corinthians and Cruzeiro.

Ronaldo Nazario’s career goals

The striker made 466 appearances, scoring 301 goals and creating 76 assists in all club competitions. 

Out of the 301 goals scored, 103 were for Real Madrid, 59 for Inter Milan, 54 for PSV, 27 for Corinthians, 47 for Barcelona, nine for AC Milan, and two for Cruzeiro.

He made his international debut for the Brazil national team on March 24, 1994. He proceeded to score 62 goals in 99 appearances for the country.

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