Football fans get boosts as UK Govt sets to adopt 15-minute COVID test

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Football fans could soon return to the stands in the UK after Prime Minister, Boris Johnson says there is a new fast-turnaround COVID-19 test which could give results from saliva samples in just 15 minutes.

Johnson pointed out that “very high” alert levels should be “immediately prioritized” for fast turnaround tests.

Speaking at a news conference, he said the country is developing the capacity to manufacture millions of tests.

Empty stands
An empty stand

With this achieved, it is expected that the government would soon allow fans into the stadiums after several pleas and petition.

According to the minister, scientists and companies in the country and around the world have been developing new tests that are faster, simpler, and cheaper.

He further noted that there is work to do as it is becoming clear over the past few weeks that some of these new tests are highly effective. This he believes can save lives and jobs over the winter.

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“We’ve already bought millions of these tests, some of which are very simple, meaning you simply need to wipe the swab inside your mouth and can give a result as quickly as in 15 minutes.

“We’ve started building the infrastructure for domestic manufacture of these tests, ensuring that Britain has the ability to produce millions of fast tests here.

“Over the next few weeks we will start distributing and trialing these tests across the country,” he said.

Boost for UK football fans calling for a return to the stands

Since some of the fast tests are already being used in hospitals, it is a boost for the football fans and administrators in the UK.

They have been calling for the return of fans to the stadiums as COVID-19 has already had a significant effect on clubs’ finances, especially the ones in the lower cadre.

As they continue to get assurance that more lives would be saved by this measure, it is expected of football fans to continue their call for the return of fans to the stadiums.

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It will even reduce the stress of test and contact tracing which has been one of the most widely criticized aspects of the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once a positive case is identified, such person can easily be traced on the spot to avoid further spread.

Having signed petitions alongside over 5000 people, the football administrators now have another way of helping the round leather game return to normal by welcoming fans.

The same approach adopted in Germany could be used by allowing the home fans into the stadium in limited number.

Since Italy, France, and Germany has adopted several methods of welcoming limited fans back into the stadiums, there has not been a spike in cases.

So, it is, therefore, a huge progress for the science that is attempting to bring normalcy back to the game and general human endeavour as well.

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