Football agents are scared about their future in football

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Hundreds of football agents are worried over their future in the round leather game as they prepare to sit for a fresh, hour-long, tasking FIFA exam at ExCeL London today, with panic that close to 80 percent could fail. 

If the agents sitting for the exam fail Wednesdays test, they would have the opportunity to resist for it in September, but if they don’t pass that as well they would not be given the room to be a licensed agent. 

This would prohibit them from transfer and contract dealings in addition to discussing with teams, players and players families, except in the organization of an accredited agent. 

The exam is coming on the back of the governing body of football’s decision to make better the industry, after its deregulation in 2015 that resulted in several new agents springing up who had to only part with £500 to register with the Football Association. 

Football agents

But the number of accredited agents, which presently is more than 2000 in the United Kingdom, is expected to be highly reduced when October’s time limit for passing the examination comes around. 

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Before 2015, the particular test had a pass rate of little under 20 per cent and football agents are scared that the ratio will be alike this time. 

Several old-time big name “legally agents” are absolved from taking the examination. 

Many of those closely following this information can see the advantages and disadvantages of this move to bring on board once again this test. 

A football agent speaking with English media outlet, dailymail stated: “The idea of removing those who have only entered the industry in recent years, and with the prime motivation of making money at any cost, is a good thing.

“But the test does not make allowances for good agents who perhaps don’t have the academic experience to pass this sort of paper, which is very complicated and not particularly relevant to the day-to-day workings of an agent.

“The mock questions generally concern things you do not need to know immediately.

“It is unfair in that regard, in that you are being scored on things that do not really prove your credentials as an agent or otherwise.”

How much does it cost to be a part of this exam

The an hour exam fee to sit for this exam is pegged at £300. 

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It consists of 20 several alternative questions and it has a pass mark of 75% and examinee have access to their laptop to a 528-page study information comprising FIFA rules and regulations. 

The important part contains regulations on transfers, training compensations, working with underage players, the agent licensing system, commission caps, clash of interest alongside disciplinary and legal systems. 

Although, agents have said it’s not as simple as finding the needed pages, even with the “find” function shortcut and is much about understanding the question and expounding what is many times complex language. 

The FIFA Website comprising a mock paper crashed for a period on Monday, with a lot of users trying to gain entrance into the portal for eleventh hour. Some football agents have even acquired the services of lawyers to assist them with revision.

It is expected that a lot of parents who have acted in the interest of their sons in recent times will not be sitting for the exam, or could find it hard to do it. 

Football agents
Mason Mount father recently partnered with football agent Neil Fewings

Some people think parents of footballers have been overly emotional with negotiations

Some individuals welcome the move as many parents have shown to be emotional during transfer dealings over time. 

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A way around this is for those specific parents to get registered as a ‘consultant’ with an agency.

For example, Chelsea star Mason Mount’s dad Tony has of recent collaborated with agent Neil Fewings.

It has also being reported that Jude Bellingham’s father, Mark, has been preparing for the exam in an attempt to represent his son, in view of a widely expected summer transfer away from German club Borussia Dortmund. 

Football agents
Jude Bellingham’s father is said to be studying for the exam

Those who fail the test can also stay employed by their agencies in a consultancy role, but informants say they could become a worry to employers. 

Such agents could be a worry to employers given the need for licensed colleagues to partner with them on agency dealings.

An entire sum of 6,586 candidates from 138 member associations have thrown their heads into the ring to take part in Wednesday’s test at several locations across different places in the world.

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