FIFA President Gianni Infantino Under Fire After Taking Selfie Near Pele Open Coffin


FIFA President Gianni Infantino came under fire after posing in a fashionable manner near the Great Pele open coffin containing the deceased player’s body.

The most powerful man in football was seen holding up a phone to take a selfie with some of Brazil’s greatest players.

Gianni Infantino taking selfie with Brazil legend

Gianni Infantino was in attendance when Pele’s body was buried at his former club’s stadium, Santos, where he scored over 600 goals.

A lot of football fans all over the world have criticized the most powerful man in football through social media. It is classless, a disgrace, horrible, and disgusting, according to one Twitter user.

Gianni Infantino with Pele team mates

Another Twitter user called for Gianni Infantino to be arrested after the final burial.

Another user called it a slap in the face to a legend and demanded that the president of football’s governing body be fired.

Another Twitter user called him a sick bastard.

Another person used his social media platform to explain how disrespectful it was toward Pele’s head. Also, a critic took to his social media account to call him a scumbag.

However, Gianni Infantino responded to all criticism by writing on Instagram that Pele’s teammates asked him to take a group selfie.

Also, Gianni Infantino was happy to take the criticism and will continue to do everything possible to contribute to the legendary pages of football.

The president also criticizes those who posted the images, telling them to do their homework before posting anything.

He also claimed he has so much respect and admiration for the greatest player in the history of Brazilian football and the ceremony he attended, he would not do anything to disrespect Pele in any way.

Burial arrangement on Santos stadium

He also made the suggestion that all 211 members of the federation name one stadium after Pele.

In addition, Neymar faced heavy criticism for not attending Pele’s burial.

Neymar said he couldn’t come because he was busy training with PSG ahead of their next match.

Detail Of How Pele was Buried

Gianni Infantino
The tallest cemetery where Pele was buried

He was buried in the tallest cemetery in Brazil. Pele was buried on the 9th floor as per his request so that he could watch over Santos Stadium, where he played for 18 years.

Gianni Infantino
Santos Fans on the street to see Pele dead body

The legend’s casket was carried around the street for people to pay their last respects to him before his private burial.

Gianni Infantino
Another fans crying on the street

Some Brazilian fans were in tears, but it was more of a celebration of his life than anything else.

His burial parade stopped outside the house of his 100-year-old mother, Celeste Arantes. However, there are claims that the mother does not know about the son’s death.

Gianni Infantino
A lady crying after Pele deceased body passed.

Pele was said to have planned how he wanted to be buried before his death.


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