FIFA Media Chief Comes Out Gay After Infantino’s World Cup Address…Details

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FIFA media chief Bryan Swanson has come out as gay after FIFA president Gianni Infantino delivered a controversial address at the World Cup in Qatar.

Bryan Sampson comes out gay after Infantino’s address

Gianni Infantino sparked reactions after delivering a controversial speech in which he blasted the western countries calling them hypocrites.

The FIFA chief launched a staunch defence of the World Cup hosts, who have come under sustained criticism by the west for alleged gross violations of human rights, inhuman treatment of migrant workers, and discrimination against LGBT+ communities.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s 2022 World Cup has not been without problems. In the build-up to the tournament, the Royal Family clashed with FIFA on the sale of alcohol, resulting in the ban of sales around the eight stadiums of the tournament.

FIFA had to finally succumb to pressure with Gianni Infantino dismissing criticisms from the West as hypocrisy, citing France as a western nation that has prohibited the sale of alcohol in football stadiums.

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Also, the Qatari government has reiterated their resolve to clampdown on demonstrations calling for the integration of gay community in the tournament .

The Local Organizing Committe have said Qatar will welcome people of all sexual orientations, but World Cup fans must respect the culture of the Qatari people.

The debate on using football as a platform to demonstrate against Qatari’s treatment of LGBT+ communities has been raging between FIFA and some western FAs.

Western FAs have vowed to float “One Love” campaigns protesting Qatar’s discriminatory laws against LGBT+ communities, while FIFA has written to all FAs in the tournament to focus on the football.

While the debate rages on, FIFA Media Director Bryan Swanson has shocked the audience when he revealed that he is gay

Swanson sought to defend FIFA over the issue with an impassioned defence of Infantino.

Bryan Sampson
Gianna Infantino

The former Sky Sports Reporter, who joined FIFA as Director of Media Relations in 2021, intended to calm nerves over the tournament.

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Speaking after Gianni Infantino’s address, Swanson said he has witnessed various shades of criticisms on Gianni Infantino since he joined FIFA, and he can testify that the FIFA chief executive is not biased in his dealings with gay communities.

“I have seen a lot of criticism of Gianni Infantino since I’ve joined FIFA, particularly from the LGBTI community.

“I am sitting here in a privileged position, on a global stage, as a gay man, here in Qatar.”

He added that everybody would be welcomed in the World Cup irrespective of sexual orientation, and Infantino really cares about LGBT+ communities even though he is not among them.

Bryan Sampson
Bryan Swanson

“We have received assurances that everyone is welcome and I believe everyone will be welcome in this World Cup”, he added.

“Just because Gianni Infantino is not gay does not mean he does not care. He does care.”

Swanson admitted to have spoken with Gianni Infantino often times about his sexual orientation and the chief executive have not had any issues with him.

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The former Sky Sport reporter added that he had thought long and hard about whether to mention in the news conference, and had to finally do it because he “fell strongly about it.”

The intervention of Bryan Swanson came after Infantino launched an astonishing attack on the “racist” and “hypocritical” west for daring to criticise Qatar.

In an hour-long diatribe that left a room of international reporters open-mouthed in disbelief, the Swiss told European critics they were deliberately misrepresenting the host nation.

Despite objection by FIFA, the FAs are bent on proceeding with their planned demonstration during the tournament, while FIFA is planning to launch a counter-campaign promoting unity and tolerance among cultures.

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