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Since Coronavirus has put football on hold, FIFA game has picked up and the FUT part of FIFA is clearly the most interesting part of the game. You can build your own team.


FIFA showcased some Icon player, Legends, current elite players and fast-rising stars.   You can log on online to play this game from your home. You get to compete with other people online via Sony or X-Box platform.

Online football gamers are enjoying playing football online with their friends just like star athletes soccer player enjoys football onfield. And yes, many can make a lot of money playing these games online.


FIFA game is a simulation game that gives online gamers the feel of enjoying football from the comfort of their home.  The game was created by Electronic Arts (EA Games).


Each year, a new game is released for FIFA lovers and it comes with specs that attract people to buy it. The game is usually released annually in September.

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Real Madrid star player Eden Hazard was featured on the cover of FIFA 20 games and premier league player Virgil Van Dijk was also on a special edition of the game for the Champions Edition.

How much does FIFA 20 cost? 

You can buy FIFA 20 game for $40.00 for a new copy.


Click here to learn more about FIFA 20 by EA sports. 


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