FIFA 21: Why it is different from Previous Versions

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Fifa 21 is the biggest thing for gamers across the world since its official launch on October 9. You might be wondering why gamers are so fast to switch from Fifa 20 to Fifa 21. Well, wonder no further. This article will give you a hint into why the video game has been such a huge hit long before it was officially launched.

Below are the aspects of Fifa 21 that makes it stand out:

The Gameplay: those who have gotten a test of Fifa 21 can attest to the fact that it has a smoother, faster, and real-life feel whenever you are having a go at it. Unlike previous versions, nothing is making it look blocky or draggy.

More so, every movement is timed like in real-life situations. So, you have yourself to blame if you hesitate to move when you ought to move. Just like in real life, every hard tackle, every touch on the ball, and every change of direction or pattern have consequences.

You are fully involved in the game as it could connect every aspect of your senses to ensure that you make the right pass, you take the right turn, you use the right player’s foot, and of course, you take the right shot. All these make the game as believable as it can get.

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In summary on Gameplay in Fifa 21, it is all about the right timing, and the kind of speed you decide to make with a certain player is determined by the speed ratings for the player. This applies to when a gamer is attacking and when a gamer is defending.

Controls on Fifa 21: EA Sports, the publishers of Fifa 21 did a great job in the AI system of the game. The AI system is perfectly wired to give a gamer sharpness in everything – attacks, defense, passing, switching players, marking, and tackling.

It is on point to say everything falls in place as far as the AI system of the game is concerned. One interesting aspect of the controls is that everything depends mostly on the ratings of the players. Hence, if you want to make long passes, use players that have high ratings for passes if you want to shoot, use the players with high ratings for that, and so on.

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In this version, every player seemed attached to the ball which has eliminated the tendency of players, especially defenders, wondering off the pitch while controlling other players.

The summery on controls is that Fifa 21 AI worked perfectly or aligned well with the ratings of the players. Pay attention to the ratings of the players if you want to get the right effect for whatever you want to do while playing the game.

Career Mode in Fifa 21: EA Sports gave a lot of emphasis on Career Mode in this version which is a shift from the regular Ultimate Team.

In career mode, Fifa 21 has taken training more seriously. The training in this version is not just to improve youth prospects, the training sessions will add sharpness, speed, and stamina to players.

Besides that, EA Sports has introduced an interactive simulator for matchdays which would enable you to cue up substitutions. This new technology will help you to either play the game automatically while you just sit back and watch it unfold or switch to being in full control of what happens.

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Other new things on Fifa 21

  1. The stadia have a full touch of reality with real-life graphics.
  2. The transfer is now more technical. You will now have to bargain and carry out a player/manager conversation loop to strike a transfer deal. It brings real life to transfer transactions.
  3. Fifa 21 gave a lot of emphasis on team building. You can build your team to any shape and size like a real-life manager that has the right budget.

In conclusion, Fifa 21 is a perfect game for gamers who are used to the previous versions of the game. Everything in the previous versions has been improved upon. The best is that the career mode gives everyone with a low budget the opportunity to build his/her dream team slowly and steadily without having to spend too much. So, let us grab our gamepads and play.

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