FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Here is how to get free players

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In less than a month from now, FIFA 21 will be available for users of the video game and the good news is, users of the game can start getting free players for their FIFA 21 Ultimate Team ahead of the release date.

Imagine that your Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) is already set ahead of October 9, when Electronic Arts (EA Sports), the publisher of the video game, will officially release the new version into the global market. The best aspect of this process is that, with your current version of FIFA 20 and your gamepads, you are good to start collecting your players and packs ahead of the new season of Ultimate Team.

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For you to be able to gain access to this offer, you will have to complete some minor tasks like pre-ordering Fifa 21 before the early access period, sign up to the EA Sports newsletter, and continue to play matches in FIFA 20. Utilizing any of these means or all of them will open the door for you to start collecting players and packs for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Below are all the methods that can enable you to get free players for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

methods that can enable you to get free players for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.
  1. Completing the Squad Building challenge

You can use your Fifa 20 to participate in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in your Fifa Ultimate team. Once you do this, you will earn free kits, packs, and players which you can use for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team when it is finally released.

  1. Partake in Pre-Season

The publisher of the video game series EA Sports has launched a promotional campaign for the forthcoming version of the series. This campaign entails that users of the gaming app participate in the app’s pre-season. Once you participate in this, you will get rewarded with free players you can use for either Fifa 20 and Fifa 21.

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Another way you can earn rewards which could include free packs, kits, and players, is to complete daily or weekly objectives. You might be asked to assist with players of a certain nationality or score with Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF). Once you complete this, your reward will be added to your Fifa 21 account when it is released.

3. Pre-order Fifa 21

When you pre-order Fifa 21, you stand the chance of playing the game from October 6, three days before the official release. You might also win free rare gold packs each week for the first few weeks and months after the official release of the game.

4. Sign up to EA Newsletter

When you sign up for the EA newsletter on the official site of the publisher of the video game, you will earn a free loan icon player after the launch of Fifa 21.

You will be provided with a three-game loan which includes three football legends – Eric Cantona, Ronaldo, or Zinedine Zidane. You have the access to pick one out of the three to use for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team when the latest version hit the stores of your gaming platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch Nintendo, and others.

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