Federico Valverde Sent Casemiro a Heartfelt Farewell Message Despite His Girlfriend Mina Binono Begging The Brazilian Not To Leave Real Madrid

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Federico Valverde took to his social media account on Friday 19th of August to send a heartfelt farewell message to Casemiro as he is set to join Manchester United in a big money transfer.

Federico Valverde Sent Casemiro a Heartfelt Farewell Message Despite His Girlfriend Urging The Brazilian Not To Leave Real Madrid

Valverde shared a tweet in Spanish which read: “Today there are too many words. You were one of the first to open the doors of your house for me, who gave me a hand and always placed your trust in me. You’re definitely going to miss me on the field, but I’m sure more off it. Thank you so much Cass.”

When he joined Real Madrid, Fede Valverde acknowledged Casemiro as one of his main sources of motivation.

He speaks with the Brazilian player several times throughout his typical days.

He acknowledged that their bond was more akin to a father-son relationship in which Casemiro always spoke and he always listened.

“With Casemiro, who is South American [like me], he’s at my side, he gives me loads of advice and he helps me a lot. I’m always going to be grateful,” said Fede when asked who does he listen to if something happens.

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“I arrive, I have breakfast with everyone,” Federico Valverde said. “I chat with most of my teammates and I speak a lot with Casemiro, we joke, he always corrects me, he’s like a father to me.”

“Then, I always give my best in training but there are players that stand out more. [Toni] Kroos never loses the ball. It’s fun to train with them and I always enjoy it.”

Mina Bonino Girlfriend to Federico Valverde Urges Casemiro to Turn Down Manchester United Offer

Despite the farewell, in a hilarious WhatsApp message, Fede Valverde’s girlfriend Mina Bonino pleaded with Casemiro to reject Manchester United’s offers and remain at Real Madrid.

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After reaching an agreement in principle for his move, the Brazilian midfielder, who won five Champions League medals during a nine-year stay at Real Madrid, is anticipated to join Erik ten Hag’s team this week.

Casemiro will sign a four-year deal with United worth £350,000 per week, making him the third most paid player at Old Trafford.

On Instagram, the 30-year-old has already written a farewell note to Los Blancos and their admirers.

“I lived the most wonderful story,” he wrote. “I hope to return someday. It will always be my home.”

And as the Brazilian gets ready to take on a new adventure, midfielders Luka Modric and Toni Kroos wrote him tearful farewell messages on Friday night.

Meanwhile, Fede Valverde’s fiancée addressed his impending departure in a completely different way.

Federico Valverde Sent Casemiro a Heartfelt Farewell Message Despite His Girlfriend Urging The Brazilian Not To Leave Real Madrid

Mina Bonino sent Casemiro a cheeky profanity message on WhatsApp in an apparent attempt to get his attention.

She posted: “Gil de mierda! No te vayas,” which translates to “don’t leave, you s**t b***d,” in Spanish, according to MARCA.

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In his news conference on Friday, Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, confirmed Casemiro’s exit while also appearing to poke fun at “struggling” Manchester United.

He then claimed that he himself couldn’t see why 30-year-old Casemiro was eager to leave the La Liga and Champions League holders for a ‘struggling side’ after saying goodbye to his Real colleagues.

Ancelotti explained: “Casemiro wants to try a new challenge, and I and the club understand that.

“After all, he’s done for this club, we need to respect his decision. Casemiro is leaving but we have a lot of resources to replace him.”

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