Fan Dies as a riot forced the soccer match between Gimnasia La Plata And Boca Juniors To Be Abandoned

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Gimnasia La Plata and Boca Juniors’ football game resulted in the death of a spectator. After there were fights between fans, the game was called off.

Outside the field, the police fired tear gas quickly, making it impossible for spectators and players to breathe.

Although the exact cause of death is unknown, Sergio Berni, the province of Buenos Aires’ security minister, told a local television station that the 57 years old man who passed away while he was leaving Juan Carmelo Zerillo Stadium in La Plata due to a cardiac condition.

Five days after a stampede in Indonesia that claimed 170 lives and is still going on, a similar tragedy took place in Argentina.

In Indonesia, the police used a lot of tear gas to try to separate the crowd, which caused some of the supporters to collide with one another.

Authorities in Argentina claim that Gimnasia La Plata fans attempted to ram their way into the already-packed stadium, and that police responded by firing rubber bullets and using tear gas to push them back.

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Gimnasia La Plata
Fans covering their nose and eye because of the tear gas in Argentina

The 20,000-seat stadium had an estimated 10,000 spectators outside who were unable to enter.

The incident may have resulted from the overselling of tickets to the supporters, according to Berni, the security minister, who stated that an investigation has been launched.

Hernan Mastrangelo, the referee in charge of the game before its abandonment, informed the press that the Police used tear gas on the fans.

Fans helping each other into the stadium

Because everyone was running for safety, the suitation was out of control, the air was intolerable, and there was no guarantee of security.

Leonardo Morales, the star of Gimansia, said: “My two-year-old and six-month-old sons could not breathe. Concerning everyone in the stands, we feel helpless and anxious. This is ridiculous.”

The event was denounced by the Argentina FA, The Football federation said “Its expresses its vehement condemnation of the events that occurred today near Gimnasia Stadium and pledges to keep working to put an end to actions of this nature that defame football.”

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Fans entered the field after the incident

Due to their history of fighting with opposing fans, Boca junior supporters were not allowed to attend the game.

Even the Gimnasia has prohibited Argentine Giant fans since 2013 in an effort to prevent a situation like this.

Boca Junior and Gimnasia La Plata Statement After The Incident

Gimnasia La Plata
Gimnasia La Plata fans forcing their way into the Arena

Boca Junior Statement

We mourn the death of Carlos “Lolo” Regueiro, a Gimnasia fan who lost his life after the incidents that occurred outside the stadium. Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. We repudiate these facts and make a profound call for reflection.

Gimnasia La Plata
Boca Junior Statement

Gimnasia La Plata Statement

Gimnasia La Plata

Gimnasia La Plata Statement

What Next For Boca Juniors And Gimnasia La Plata

Boca Juniors will welcome Aldosivi on October 9, 2022 by 8:00pm. Gimnasia La Plata will travel to Banfield on October 9, 2022 by 7:30pm.

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