Everton fans boo their team for losing again… They have lost 5 of 6 matches since Frank Lampard took over they are also in the relegation zone.

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Everton is having a rough season, they fired their head coach to hire Frank Lampard and that is not working well either. They continue to lose games and fans are tired, the fans responded with boos and some started leaving the stadium at the beginning of the second half.

Since Lampard took over at Everton, the club has played six premier league games and lost five. Everton will face Newcastle on Mar 17, 2022, both teams are trying to avoid relation and it means that the chance of Everton winning that game is very slim.

Newcastle is the better side, they won 6 of their last 8 matches before facing Chelsea. The loss to Chelsea is also questionable, fans are accusing the referee of being unfair.

Everton’s next upcoming schedule.

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Frank Lampard was brought on for a turnaround but it’s not working, losing 5 of 6 games in the Premier League means there is trouble and the club is now in the relegation zone.

The team also got a red card, Jonjoe Kenny received his second yellow of the match for a bad foul, he was sent off in the 78th minute of the match against Wolves.

  • Jonjoe Kenny received Evertonโ€™s 100th Premier League red card; only the second club to be given as many, after Arsenal (101).

This is what people are saying about Everton losing to Wolves today.

The worst part was, Everton fans started to boo the team today, and also most of the fans started leaving way before the game was close to being over. “They deserve to boo the team”, Frank Lampard said.

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Everton Fans protesting.

This banner was displayed at the Goodison pack where Everton plays, they are tired and are demanding more from the players. If Everton is not careful, they’ll get relegated.

In case you missed the match between Everton and Wolves, check out this match video highlight. Gray, Richarlison were both in the game but it didn’t matter. They lost.

What next for Everton?

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