Evans Ferguson Shows Off His Sister, Ellie Ferguson, And His Mother, Sarah Ferguson


    Evans Ferguson showed off his sister, Ellie Ferguson, and his mother Sarah Ferguson, as they shared happy moments together during the football holiday. 

    The Brighton striker took to his Instagram page to show an image of himself, Ellie, and Sarah Ferguson behind a beautiful building. The Brighton striker was putting on a black shirt, white trousers, and shoes.

    The sister, Ellie Ferguson, was looking dazzling in a red armless dress and long jeans. The mother was looking beautiful in a white shirt and grey jeans.

    Evans Ferguson

    The striker is currently going through a rehabilitation process as he hopes to return to on-field action with the Brighton side for the 2024–25 season.

    In the 2023–24 season, the striker participated in 27 matches in the Premier League, scoring six goals without a single assist.

    The Brighton side played most of their matches in the Premier League with Danny Welbeck in front.

    The Brighton team were extremely poor last season, with 12 wins, 12 draws, and 14 losses in 38 Premier League matches. 

    How old is Evans Ferguson?

    The striker was born on October 19, 2004, in the city of Bettystown, Ireland. He is currently 19 years old, with a height of 6 feet and 0 inches. 

    Evans Ferguson Stats

    Evans Ferguson

    The striker made 113 appearances, scoring 35 goals and creating eight assists in all club competitions. He had received five yellow cards and no red cards so far in his career.

    Out of the 35 goals scored, 16 were for Brighton, 18 for Brighton U-23, and one for Brighton U-18.

    He made his international debut for Ireland on November 17, 2022. He went on to score three goals in 12 appearances for the country.

    Evans Ferguson Injury History

    In the 2022–23 season, the player suffered an ankle injury and was out for 20 days, missing five matches.

    In the 2023–24 season, the player was out for 108 days after he suffered both ankle and knee injuries. He missed 13 matches last season for both club and country.

    Who is Evans Ferguson Agent?

    YMU Management Limited is the agent of the young striker, who has a market value of €50 million.

    The YMU Management Limited are well recognized for managing youngsters who are gradually developing into becoming world class players.

    How much did Brighton buy Ferguson for?

    Brighton signed Evans Ferguson for an undisclosed fee from Bohemians on January 9, 2021. He was quickly assigned to Brighton U-23.

    He made his debut for Brighton on August 24, 2021, against Cardiff City. He made his Premier League debut for Brighton on February 19, 2022 against Burnley

    Evans Ferguson scored his first goal for Brighton on August 24, 2022, against Forest Green Rovers.

    Evans Ferguson’s net worth

    The striker has a net worth of one million euros. The Irish star got his wealth from various endorsement deals with Adidas and other sports brands. 

    Evans Ferguson Salary

    The striker earns weekly wages of £30,000 and a yearly income of £1,560,000. A surge in his weekly wages is expected to happen when he moves to a bigger football club.


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