European Super League: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus continue to fight for ESL

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Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus are not ready to give up on the idea of the failed European Super League despite pressure from UEFA and other football stakeholders in Europe.

The three top European clubs are among the 12 clubs that signed up for the failed breakaway league. After they announced the league on April 18, 2021, pressure began to mount against the clubs until 9 clubs out of the 12 clubs withdrew from the plan. The 9 clubs are Chelsea, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur.

On Friday, May 7, the European football governing body, UEFA, announced that the 9 clubs that have withdrawn from the failed European Super League have been fined for their attempt to join the breakaway league.

The statement also made it known that there is an undertaking that will see the clubs pay 100 million each if they attempt to join any unauthorized league in the future.

On the other hand, UEFA did not announce the punishment for the remaining three clubs – Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus, who are yet to denounce the European Super League. The football governing body said appropriate action would be taken against them after a process of UEFA’s disciplinary committee.

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In reaction to the statement from UEFA, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus issued a joint statement to insist that the three clubs would “persevere” over the idea despite the “intolerable” pressure against the European Super League.

European Super League: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus continue to fight for ESL
Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez acts as the chairman of the failed European Super League.

The three clubs noted that they regretted that 9 clubs withdrew from the plan which aim was “to bring financial stability to the entire European football family.

Their statement read: “The founding clubs have suffered, and continue to suffer, unacceptable third-party pressures, threats, and offenses to abandon the project and therefore desist from their right and duty to provide solutions to the football ecosystem via concrete proposals and constructive dialogue.

“This is intolerable under the rule of law and tribunals have already ruled in favor of the Super League proposal, ordering FIFA and UEFA to, either directly or through their affiliated bodies, refrain from taking any action which may hinder this initiative in any way while court proceedings are pending.

“(The Super League project was designed jointly by its 12 founding clubs also) to bring financial stability to the entire European football family, currently under the effects of a deep crisis that threatens the survival of many clubs. Testament of it, the announced commitment to establish annual solidarity payments for guaranteed annual amounts that materially multiply those distributed by UEFA, and the obligation to reinforce financial sustainability rules, through the creation of a clear, transparent, and effective control system verified by experts.

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“The 12 founding clubs also acknowledged that the Super League was a unique opportunity to offer fans around the world the best possible show and to reinforce global interest in the sport, which is not a ‘given’ and is challenged by new generational trends. Moreover, one of its main objectives was to promote women’s football on a global level, a tremendous, but currently underestimated, the opportunity for the sector.

“We are fully aware of the diversity of reactions to the Super League initiative and, consequently, of the need to reflect on the reasons for some of them. We are ready to reconsider the proposed approach, as necessary. However, we would be highly irresponsible if, being aware of the needs and systemic crisis in the football sector, which led us to announce the Super League, we abandoned such mission to provide effective and sustainable answers to the existential questions that threaten the football industry.

“We regret to see that our friends and founding partners of the Super League project have now found themselves in such an inconsistent and contradictory position when signing several commitments to UEFA yesterday. However, given that the material issues that led the 12 founding clubs to announce the Super League weeks ago have not gone away, we reiterate that, to honor our history, to comply with our obligations towards our stakeholders and fans, for the good of football and the financial sustainability of the sector, we must act responsibly and persevere in the pursuit of adequate solutions, despite the unacceptable and ongoing pressures and threats received from UEFA.

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“Mostly, we reiterate to FIFA, UEFA and all football stakeholders, as we have done on several occasions since the announcement of the Super League, our commitment and firm will discuss, with respect and without intolerable pressure and by the rule of law, the most appropriate solutions for the sustainability of the whole football family.”

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