Erling Haaland Is Manchester City and Premier League Highest Earner With £860,000 Weekly Wages


Erling Haaland has emerged as Manchester City’s highest earner after his weekly wages hit a record £860,000. Halaand is now in the cadre of elite and high-wage earners in Manchester City, joining the likes of Kevin De Bruyne in the top earners circle.

Erling Haaland Is Manchester City and Premier League Highest Earner With £860,000 Weekly Wages
Erling Haaland is Manchester City’s and Premier League highest earner with £860,000 weekly wages

The prolific and highly-rated £51m signing from Borussia Dortmund, Erling Haaland, has now seen his weekly wages rise to an astronomical level.

According to reports, Haaland currently earns £850,000 at Manchester City weekly. This adds up to a record £45m pay per year.

The increase in the amount has been attributed to substantial bonuses that has shot the figure above the £850,000 mark, making him one of the highest paid footballers in the world.

As it stands, Haaland’s wage, which has made him the all-time Premier League highest earner, has been a top subject in the agency world.

He is also Manchester City’s highest earner as he closes in at £900,000 mark with more bonuses.

He hit three successive home hat-tricks including in Sunday’s a 6-3 derby win

According to a report by Sportsmail, the 22-year-old gets a basic salary just as his Manchester City teammates, but guaranteed bonuses has kicks his total earnings above the £850,000 mark.

In April, Manchester City cashed into Erling Haaland’s release clause at Borussia Dortmund, paying a relatively low amount – £51m, for a player of Haaland’s pedigree.

City are the one reaping the bounties with Haaland being in one of the hottest form in his club career.

In just 12 matches for Manchester City, Haaland has scored a record 19 goals, including three straight hat-tricks in three consecutive games.

Manchester City officials were not hesitant to sanction a huge salary and bonus for Haaland, given his pedigree and class.

Erling Haaland Is Manchester City and Premier League Highest Earner With £860,000 Weekly Wages

His teammates cannot equally question the move, as Haaland’s brilliance and impact on the team is indisputable.

Haaland completed his third successive hat-trick at the Etihad against bitter city rivals Manchester United in a 6-3 win.

There are projections that he may hit a record 67 goals this season if he continues with his current goal-scoring form.

Manchester City is currently second in the Premier League table behind leaders Arsenal, who tops the league after garnering 21 points from 8 matches.

Manchester City has 20 points from 8 matches, one point behind the Gunners.

They hope Mikel Arteta’s side slips against Liverpool while they will humble Southampton to climb to the top spot on the table.

Erling Haaland will be an indispensable part of Manchester City’s Premier League campaign this season and will certainly score more goals to justify his high earnings with the club.

After showing that he can perform for Manchester City in big matches after helping City to beat Manchester United, the world awaits to see how well he will perform against Liverpool at Anfield on October 16.


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