EPL team standing without Video Assistant Referee VAR

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Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was clear the 2019/2020 EPL season would not be the same. The FA had finally concluded plans to use the Video Assistant Referee, which had taken the English League by storm, during the 2018/19 season the English FA announced it would introduce Video Assistant Referee VAR just as other league has adopted the new technology.

According to Dailymailuk, a looked at what the league table would look like without the VAR, would Liverpool still be the champion or would Norwich escape relegation.

Fans of the English Premier League were given a taste of what to expect from the first game of the season as Man City forward Raheem Sterling was adjudged to be offside by a toenail.

VAR has been used in the EPL 334 time this season, with 104 decisions overturned with over 216 matches played this season.

EPL table without VAR

A scenario without the VAR would still see Liverpool become champions on the top flight, with Wolverhampton wanderer in 3rd position. At the same time, Manchester City would be much closer to the top with just a 5 points gap. Manchester United would be entirely out of the top four race as Chelsea would be 1 point clear.

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Aston Villa, Westham, would be further up the table and safe from the threat of relegation.

Leicester City would finish 6th, while Arsenal would still finish behind Sheffield United, who take up 7th position.

For the bottom half of the table, Norwich would still be rock bottom of the league, followed by Bournemouth and Watford, who would be relegated.


For every VAR decision made this season, an average of 70 secs is needed as this contributes to lengthy delays, and fans are left in limbo wondering. This season players have been called offside by the armpits, but obvious calls for penalties are overlooked, while Refs are rarely allowed to use the pitch-side monitors.

FIFA, last month announced it has taken control of VAR from the International Football Association Board (IFAB), as the federation push for the technology to be applied the same way across all leagues.

Games affected by VAR

Wolves is the biggest loser this season, as they would have finished in a more advanced position on the table.

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Tottenham is the biggest winner in a VAR-less season but still wouldn’t have done much to their season; they would have finished 7th.

Fans have called for a review of the VAR and encourage the use of the pitchside monitor for a more realistic and hands-on decision.

One thing is sure and that is VAR is here to stay, but its application would need to be review.

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