English Premier League Cash Flow: Each Clubs Earnings In The 2022/2023 Season

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The 2022/23 English Premier League campaign has come to its expiration and there was more than £2.5 billion in prize money and broadcast earnings being shared amongst the 20 teams.

Manchester City, the team who achieved the three-peat picked up above £160 million for winning the league.

Shockingly, relegated Southampton earned £100 million though they have dropped to the Championship.

Southampton still earn an impressive amount despite relegating to the Championship

The English Premier League has made confidential the amount each clubs received, however, each position on the log is worth £2.2 million.

As regards broadcast earnings, revenue is shared equally, with teams who are shown on TV the most receiving more money than the others.

Meanwhile, there is a regular amount that each team gets from broadcast revenue which was pegged at about £84 million last campaign.

Certainly, that amount of money would have increased this campaign, with more money set to be shared by the teams based on how frequent their matches are beamed live on Television.

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Europa League bound Liverpool and horrendous Chelsea are in line to lose heavily from their previous earnings as they both couldn’t qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Chelsea would receive less money than lass season due to their unavailability in the Champions League and ultimately Europe

Qualification for the UEFA Champions League would have fetched them up to £100 million but that amount is out of reach for this season.

In spite of earning massive amounts via solidarity payments, Southampton, Leeds United and Leicester City will have to sell some of their star assets.

They would have to make such moves in order to lessen their wage bills as they adapt to life in the English Championship.

The Citizens could receive an extra £4 million if they defeat Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley next Saturday.

If they beat Inter Milan in the Champions League final on the 10th of June they would earn an amount worth £95m with Pep Guardiola’s team already pocketing that for getting to the final.

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Manchester City would earn close to £270 million if they win the treble

Astonishingly, if Manchester City can achieve the remarkable feat of the treble they will earn close to £270 million.

Finishing 12th on the English Premier League table and not qualifying for any European competition, Chelsea would lose at least £70 million.

The Reds of Anfield are also set to lose £50 million as they only managed to qualify for the Europa League.

Tottenham Hotspur would also miss out on a similar fee after missing out of Europe entirely as well.

English Premier League
Manchester United would receive massive cash injections for qualifying for the UEFA Champions League

Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle United would receive massive cash injections for returning to the Champions League and finishing in the top four.

The English Premier League is a money spinner and that’s why teams put in every effort required at remaining in the top-flight of English football.

Even the basement teams of the league still earn impressive amounts despite their plights during the season.

The earnings arrangements of English Premier League teams in full:

1) Manchester City £170m

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2) Arsenal £167.8m

3) Manchester United £165.5m

4) Newcastle United £163.4m

5) Liverpool £161.2m

6) Brighton £159m

7) Aston Villa £156.8m

8) Tottenham Hotspur £154.6m

9) Brentford £152.4m

10) Fulham £150.2m

11) Crystal Palace £148m

12) Chelsea £145.8m

13) Wolves £143.6m

14) West Ham £141.4m

15) Bournemouth £139.2m

16) Nottingham Forest £137m

17) Everton £134.8m

18) Leicester City £132.6m

19) Leeds United £130.4m

20) Southampton £128.2m

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