England’s Wags Issued With Strict Laws Ahead of Qatar World Cup

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As the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup commences on the 20th of November, England’s Wags – wives, and girlfriends of the England team players have been issued a list of do’s and don’ts to avoid a World Cup crisis in Qatar.

With the World Cup tournament just over a month away, the England’s Wags have been provided with a lawbook on what is authorized and what could cost the wags a £6,000 fine and one-year jail term.

Most countries usually allow their players to come along with their other halves and families to tournaments to provide emotional and moral support.

However, due to the Qatari strict laws, Denmark’s players’ wives and girlfriends have been prohibited from attending the World Cup tournament later this year by the country’s FA. This means that the Danes will have to get through the World Cup without support from their wags.

Nevertheless, an exception goes for England’s wags in the upcoming glamorous World Cup tournament only that the women have been warned to abide by the Qatari laws.

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England's wags
England’s wags issued a list of do’s and don’ts

At a meeting before England’s 3-3 draw with Germany last month, FA chiefs said:
“It is important to understand that you and your husband/partner are not above the law here.

“Every order is in place to protect both yourselves and your partner/husband in any case of indiscretion. Fines and prosecution are commonplace.”

One of the crucial warnings stressed is that wags are expected to dress modestly when they are in public centers, including stadiums, and were also prompted that public shows of affection would not be condoned.

England’s wags have been advised to respect Qatar’s dressing customs and admonished to pack abayas; the traditional long garment worn by women in Arab countries that covers everything except the head, hands, and feet.

A report embodying the dress code read: “The England players have been advised on what sort of outfits their partners should wear to respect the customs in Qatar.”

Qatar abaya
Abaya dress

“They were recommended not to wear anything too short or skimpy or revealing. Dresses must be loose, covering shoulders…that kind of thing”

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“Some were planning to take an abaya if they ever wanted to venture out into the community.”

Subsequently, England’s wags traveling to support their lovers at the World Cup should be aware that Qatari laws forbid them from drinking alcohol or swearing in public, as well as shouting, singing, playing loud music, or acting inappropriately during the call to prayer in Qatar as any of these would not be tolerated.

More so, they have been warned against taking selfies outside of Qatar’s official government buildings which could also lead to police action if defied.

The English Football Association has determined to prevent a repetition of the “World Cup line-up” snap of Wags in the 2018 Russia World Cup.

England's wags
Snap of Wags in the 2018 Russia World Cup.

The snap was organized by Becky Vardy and her agent Caroline Watt as England’s footie Wags lined up for a team picture as they teamed up for a dinner outing in Russia.

England’s wags should also be mindful of Qatar’s stringent policy on littering. Discarding trash in public areas rather than trash receptacles is illegal in Qatar and punishable with the aforementioned £6,000 fine and a year jail term.

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Summary of the Rules and Regulations above:

Liquor– Alcohol will not be drunk anywhere in public.

Dresses – Wags are expected to dress modestly, with no short skirts.

PDAs – Public displays of affection such as kissing will not be tolerated.

Selfies– Phone pics outside official buildings are strictly off-limits.

Loud Music – No loud music or belting out tunes during a call to prayer.

Littering – The disposition of trash in public areas rather than trash receptacles is prohibited.

What’s next for the England squad?

The England team led by captain Harry Kane will play their World Cup opener at the Khalifa International Stadium in the capital Doha against Iran on November 21. The World Cup Group B match which is against Iran will kick off at 14:00 on the said date.

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