England Make it to Second Euro Final Back to Back; Can They Win The Tournament This Time


England qualified for the finals of Euro 2024 for the second time in a row after defeating the Netherlands in the semi-finals. 

Goals From Ollie Watkins and Harry Kane sent the England team into the finals. In Euro 2021, the Three Lions made it to the final, but they failed to win the tournament after losing to Italy on penalties.

The England manager and the players will be looking forward to redeeming themselves in front of the fans, who have been singing “It is Coming Home” since the beginning of the tournament.

Can The Three Lions Of England Win The Euro 2024 For The First Time In The Country History?

All eyes will be glued to Gareth Southgate and his players ahead of the final against Spain on July 14, 2024. The English fans want to see their country win a major trophy for the first time since the Three Lions won the World Cup in 1966.

The question is, are they capable of defeating the most entertaining team in the tournament, Spain? There are factors to be considered when discussing whether the England team can beat Spain.

The first factor is tactical superiority. The Spanish team have dominated nations in Euro 2024. They tactically dominated the Italian side in the second group stage match.

Also, they dominated the Georgia national team in the round of 16. In addition, they would have scored more than two goals against the French side in the semi-finals.

However, the England national team were poor in the group stage of the tournament. Even though they dominated the Serbian team, they failed to score more than a goal.

The team ended the group stage with two goals from three matches. However, fans and sport pundits applauded the English team for their performance against the Netherlands

Another factor to consider is the attacking threat of both teams. The front three of the Spanish team have only scored three goals in Euro 2024. Alvaro Morata, Lamine Yamal, and Nico Williams have three goals combined.

The front three of the England national team, Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, and Harry Kane, have scored a total of five goals in the tournament. Jude Bellingham has two goals, and Harry Kane has three. 


The sustainability of the two teams should be considered. In the Euro 2021 final, the English team lost the urge to continue playing because of high-intensity pressing from the Italian side. 

If the Spanish team make the English team lose their energy and reduces their urge to go forward in the game, they are likely to win the tournament. 

What can we expect from the Euro 2024 Finals?

Even though Spain are the favorite to win the Euro 2024 finals, the English side are expected to fight to the end. 

The Spanish side will completely dominate the game.

They won’t allow the English side to create chances capable of hurting them.

The English players will battle to win aerial duels and every other tackle in the game.

They will be more focused on hitting the Spanish team on a counterattack frequently.


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