England Hostel In Qatar Still Under Construction Ahead Of The 2022 World Cup

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England team hotel is still under construction a month before the World Cup begins, and the country’s preparations are a shambles.

England’s hostel

Migrant workers were spotted toiling in overalls at 35°C heat to complete a swimming pool for Three Lions stars.

Building a poolside bar and restroom from scratch was still in progress.

Camels waited patiently by the hotel entrance while welders and construction workers began transforming the dusty lot into a parking lot.

All 101 rooms at the Souq Al Wakra Hotel have been reserved by the Football Association, and the hotel’s management is adamant that renovations will be finished by the time Gareth Southgate’s squad arrives next month.

And when they displayed luxurious ocean-view rooms, hotel managers assured guests they would find a tranquil haven in which to relax in the downtime between games.

The calm low-rise venue was chosen by England team managers as a respite for their players between games; it is located just 30 minutes outside of Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Worries were raised, however, over the lack of a pool after photos surfaced from the 2018 World Cup in Russia showing players, including captain Harry Kane, having a splashing good time with inflatable unicorns.

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FIFA has requested that a pool be built immediately. To keep it authentic, though, plans had to be set out.

England hostel
Inside England’s hostel

Before beginning construction on September 25, permission was granted by the authorities of the tiny Muslim state.

The team was originally allotted a month to do the job, but thanks to a last-minute extension request, they will have it done by November 1st.

A lot of time and effort will be spent making sure it works perfectly and looks great when finished.

The hotel’s ancient fountain’s pergolas are being cleaned and refurbished so that they can be used in the new pool area.

It has been decided to give the poolside bar the same sandy finish as the rest of the complex.

However, since this is a dry hotel, alcoholic beverages will not be available. The United States, England’s Group B opponent, booked a whole tower at the luxurious Marsa Malaz Kempinski Hotel in Doha. This choice puts England in stark contrast to its rivals.

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Rooms at the Souq Al Wakra, located in a simple, low-key building next to a traditional market and public beach with views of the Arabian Gulf, cost only around £110 per night.

The Americans, however, have secured reservations at the most luxurious hotel on Doha’s artificial island, the Pearl, where one can spend up to £15,000 per night in a stunning suite complete with a spa bath and a butler.

England hostel
Outside England’s hostel

The stylish but alcohol-free Hilton AlRayyan Hotel, which is adjacent to one of the largest shopping malls in central Doha, will be home to England’s first opponents, Iran.

Wales, their second group opponent, will also be staying at the Delta Hotels City Centre, which is conveniently located in the heart of the action in West Bay and features five-star dining, nightlife, wellness, and exercise facilities, as well as outdoor pool.

On Friday, October 21, England’s hosts gave The Sun a tour of their chic venue, emphasizing that the construction will not affect the hotel’s already impeccable condition.

The original village of Arab fishermen and pearl divers was transformed into a stylish boutique hotel in 2018, although many of the original architectural details have been preserved.

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Players would reside in low-rise enclaves of rooms outfitted with modern conveniences like air conditioning and satellite television and organized around stone-paved courtyards.

The boss, Southgate, is anticipated to reserve a luxurious suite complete with a sitting area, vaulted ceiling, and two flat-screen televisions.

Beds will be decorated with towel art and framed images of the family will be displayed on the walls.

Pictures of England’s biggest sporting achievements, including the 1966 victory, will be displayed in public spaces to serve as motivation.

There is a traditional Qatari tented area at the hotel where the team may meet with Southgate to discuss strategy.

The hotel has brought in an extra 60 workers to accommodate the team.

England hostel
hostel under construction

“A great deal of attention was put into the choice of hotel, which seems to be a perfect fit for the team,” the England insider stated.

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