Differences Between The Lifestyle Of Bukayo Saka And Jack Grealish

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Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish are two individuals powering their respective teams to the English Premier League crown this season. 

Saka who is currently 21 years old has been integral in Arsenal’s title push and he is a frontrunner for the Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year award. 

On the other hand, Jack Grealish, 27, has fully matured at Manchester City, after his £100 million move from Aston Villa assisting his team to a winning run that has seen them become the top choice for the league title. 

However, off the pitch, they are very distinct characters and personalities. Clotheshorse Grealish is an ambassador for Italian fashion brand Gucci and, with his glam partner Sasha Attwood, has crossed over to the celebrity pages.

Bukayo Saka appears like a more reserved figure, propelled by religion and lives at home with his father and mother. 

Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish
Bukayo Saka

In spite of that, both individuals are massive friends when they meet up on international duty for the Three Lions of England. 

Ill-matched as they may be, Jack Grealish has acknowledged having a soft spot for Bukayo Saka.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the Englishman spoke about his admiration for Saka when they asked who would make an ideal son-in-law.

Talking about Saka, Grealish – without any reluctance stated: “You know what, mate? He’s the best, the best kid, honestly.

“I went up to his dad the other day and I said: ‘I love your son’ He’s a legend, honestly, he must be the nicest kid ever. He’s got a little bit of banter as well, he’s funny.”

Aside Jack Grealish, Saka is widely loved by his English teammates

Humorously, James Maddison also picked Saka to be his ideal in-law and further said if he had a sister or a daughter, and they say to him: “I’m going on a date with Jack Grealish’, I’d be like ‘nah, you’re not.”

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Jack Grealish also disclosed more about his relationship with the Arsenal attacker in an interview with The Times before England played against Ukraine in March. 

Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish

He also discussed a scuffle they had in an encounter at the Emirates Stadium earlier this campaign. 

Grealish stated: “I’m playing for City on the wing, he’s playing for Arsenal on the wing and we’re both going for the Premier League.

“But that is another thing that the manager here at England has done so well. We feel like a group of team-mates that are together. Back at your club, you’re rivals but everyone just clicks here.

Jack Grealish and Bukayo Saka battling in the colours of their respective clubs
Jack Grealish and Bukayo Saka battling in the colours of their respective clubs

“He’s a great lad, Bukayo. In the game the other week, I went past someone and then me and him went shoulder to shoulder.

“I thought, the ref has got to give it as a foul’, because I can’t have Bukayo saying that he bodied me. I pulled him up on that this morning and he said it was never a foul.”

Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish’s Salaries 

When the former Aston Villa attacker penned a deal with City in 2021 for a British record transfer fee, the transfer made him one of the Premier League’s biggest-earners. 

His wage is estimated to be in the valuation of £300,000-per-week in addition to sponsorships, he earns a staggering amount. 

Jack Grealish penned a massive boot deal with PUMA in March
Jack Grealish penned a massive boot deal with PUMA in March

In March, Jack Grealish put pen-to-paper on a massive boot deal with PUMA, the highest in English football history, based on reports.

Grealish is an ambassador of many brands

The Englishman is already an ambassador of brands such as Gucci, Bose headphones and Airway. 

Bukayo Saka is on the verge of penning a new contract at the Emirates that would place him on par with Jack Grealish on £300,000-per-week. 

Presently, he is thought to be earning a weekly salary of £70,000, which is a sharp contrast to what many of his team-mates at club and international level receive. 

Bukayo Saka is an ambassador for New Balance
Bukayo Saka is an ambassador for New Balance

New Balance, however, pay Bukayo Saka well and his contract with them, for boots and to model leisure wear, he is said to be worth £1.8 million. 

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Homes of Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish 

In 2021, Saka switched the humble home he grew up in with his Nigerian parents, only five miles from Wembley, for a luxurious £2.3 million pad in Hertfordshire. 

Saka mansion in Hertfordshire
Saka mansion in Hertfordshire

Not much information is known about the house, except that it has a spa and walk-in wardrobes. 

Highly loyal to his parents, he brought his family into the home right away to be alongside him.

On the other hand, Jack Grealish paid a reported £6 million for a wonderful home in the North West in 2022.

Jack Grealish in his massive apartment
Jack Grealish in his massive apartment

With over 20 acres of land, the massive home has a helicopter pad, tennis court, golf course, fishing lake and enough area for a complete-size football pitch. 

In addition to that, the seven bedroom apartment has a big swimming pool, leisure suit, gym and wine cellar. 

Bukayo Saka is church boy

Wayne Lineker and Jack Grealish
Wayne Lineker and Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish relishes the high-life, partying in Ibiza with the likes of Wayne Lineker and taking in boys trips to Las Vegas, Saka is more moderate with how he spends his cash. 

The Arsenal star has never talked about cars he has owned nor has he shown off his wealth. 

Highly religious Saka and musician stormy

Rather, he is a consistent church goer. He attended The Edward Betham Church of England Primary School, a school that preaches sound Christian beliefs. 

Later, he passed his GCSEs with massive distinctions including As. 

As he became older, he attended The kingsborough Center previously known as the Kingsborough Family church, with his parents. 

Even on his instagram account, he describes himself as “God’s child”. While on International duty, he established he reads the Bible every night. 

“God's Child” seen On Bukayo Saka's instagram account
God’s Child” seen On Bukayo Saka’s instagram account

He doesn’t drink and he spearheads a clean way of living, with his only bad habit being playing video game FIFA too long. 

Bukayo Saka playing FIFA
Bukayo Saka playing FIFA

For Jack Grealish, being a DJ is something special to him. He revealed to BT Sport in 2022 that he was learning how to spin the decks. 

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He joked saying: “I like every type of music. I’m actually trying to learn to DJ at the moment. Yeah, ‘DJ Grealo” 

Jack Grealish is learning how to DJ
Jack Grealish is learning how to DJ

“I’m awful but everything takes time. I’m trying to learn Spanish as well. I want to learn some stuff outside of football, have a hobby and stuff.”

Wags of Bukayo Saka and Jack Grealish

Since he was a burgeoning star at Aston Villa, Grealish has been in a relationship with Sasha Attwood. 

Sasha’s profile grew astronomically when Grealish penned a deal to join Manchester City for £100 million and when he became a big name player for the Three Lions of England.

Sasha Attwood is a big time model and influencer

Grealish’s girlfriend is a model and influencer who has made grand appearances in massive ads campaigns. 

Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood
Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood

Most recent was a huge deal she secured with online fashion retailer boohoo. 

And she was giving a massive pointer to Jack about her future, modeling several maternity dresses.

Saka Is thought to be dating Tolami Benson

Bukayo Saka is believed to be in a relationship with Tolami Benson, who is 22, one year older than the Arsenal forward. 

The pair are believed to have begun dating in late 2020 but have kept their relationship private until recently. 

Bukayo Saka and Tolami Benson

Bukayo Saka and Tolami Benson do not share pictures of themselves together and they don’t even follow each other on social media.

However, she was seen alongside partners, wives and girlfriends of England players in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

The relationship was later revealed by fans in February, when they shared individual photos of themselves on a yacht in Dubai. 

But, neither parties are yet to confirm if they are dating or whatsoever type of relationship is existing between them. 

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